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After a limited, but successful launch in 2015, and an expanded set of courses in 2016. Ravenscroft is pleased to continue offering Summer School classes for high school students for a eighth year in 2022.

Online Registration for Summer School Classes is April 4, 2022

Please Contact Aaron Sundstrom with any further questions extension 2734



Student Eligibility:

Enrollment is open to students in the relevant grades from Ravenscroft, other independent schools, and area public schools. Prospective students should take note of subject-specific course prerequisites. Non-Ravenscroft students should check with their current school to determine if credits earned will transfer.

Course Credit:

Students who successfully complete a six week summer course (Geometry) will earn 1.0 Ravenscroft credit; those who successfully complete a three week summer course (American Government, Composition, Economics) will earn 0.5 Ravenscroft credit.

For Ravenscroft students, summer courses (1) will be included on the Ravenscroft transcript, (2) will be factored into the cumulative GPA, and (3) will count toward total graduation credits, assuming successful completion of the course. For the American Government, Composition, and Economics courses, successful completion will satisfy graduation requirements for these mandatory classes.

Students from other schools should check with their school’s registrar to ensure that they will receive academic credit for successful completion of Ravenscroft summer courses.


Course tuition is set by Ravenscroft School. For Summer 2022, tuition will be $1000.00 per student per term or $2000.00 for courses spanning both terms. Tuition remission for children of faculty/staff members would apply. Need-based financial aid will be determined by Ravenscroft based upon a family’s demonstrated need for the prior year. Students eligible for tuition remission or financial aid should contact Aaron Sundstrom (aaron.sundstrom@ravenscroft.orgprior to registration in order to obtain a discount code for the relevant tuition remission. 

Online Registration:

Students will be able to register and pay for all summer courses online through Ravenscroft Summer Programs. Online registration for all Ravenscroft Summer School will open Monday, April 4, 2022. If you have questions or need assistance with registration please contact Whitneye McCoy at 

*Please Note: Online registration for All Summer School courses starting on Monday, June 13 will close at 3:00 pm on Thursday, June 9. Registration for the courses that begin on Monday, July 11 will close at 3:00 pm on Friday, July 8.

Attendance Requirements:

Per the Ravenscroft Upper School Parent/Student Handbook, students will be required to attend at least eighty percent of all class periods (twelve of fifteen class sessions per term) AND earn a passing final grade in order to receive Ravenscroft credit. However, given the compressed nature of the course offering, missing even a single session could jeopardize both a student’s performance in the class and his/her ability to earn academic credit for the course. Missed classes are the responsibility of the student. The teacher will be available for limited tutorial help but will not reteach material on an individual basis.


Given the intensive nature of the course, students should expect between one and two hours of homework per night per class meeting.