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Student Wellness

At Ravenscroft, our students’ physical, psychological and emotional well-being is as important as their intellectual growth. Ravenscroft offers a variety of ways to support your child. A clinically trained mental health professional is available in each of the school’s three divisions. Students, faculty and staff who become ill or are injured at school receive expert care from our Family Nurse Practitioner and the staff located in Jones Health Center. Students enrolled in our Learning Enrichment and Advancement Program (LEAP)  learn the time management, test preparation and organizational skills necessary to function both successfully and independently in the classroom environment. Physical Education is offered seven out of the eight days in our rotating academic schedule in Lower School. By seventh grade, students can try out for one of 25 sports and 53 teams.

Our beautiful 135-acre campus has safety monitors that operate around the clock. We also staff our campus with two Raleigh Police officers who are on our campus during school hours and are assisted in the evening hours by a campus security team.


Clinically trained mental health clinicians


Educational Specialists in Academic Skills


Athletic Trainers


Physical Education Teachers


Full time School Nurses

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