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Winning at Social

Recognizing that social media is a powerful influence on a student’s development, Ravenscroft has partnered with The Social Institute on a new, exclusive and groundbreaking social media education program - Winning at Social - that teaches and empowers students how to use social media in a positive way.


The curriculum developed for Middle and Upper School students, developed through the Lead From Here framework, features age-appropriate topics and real life social media challenges and dilemmas, which they discuss with peers in small group workshops. Our comprehensive, integrated approach engages not only students but faculty/staff and parents too. Regular faculty boot camps equip faculty with the knowledge to reinforce social media lessons in the classroom and lead their own lessons during advisory periods. Presentations to parents provide growth-minded strategies on how they can help their children navigate social media in a positive way.

Nicolek Ravenscroft School Comments

Middle School

Middle School students engage in guided small group discussions on social media dilemmas, targeted to their grade-level. In sixth grade, students focus on identifying their core values and aligning those with their social media presence and then defining their “social core.” They discuss empathy and group texting challenges. Seventh graders spend time learning strategies on how to stand up to cyberbullies, how to “cyberback.” Tierney guides eighth graders on ways to be role models on social media and how to use the power of social media to make a difference and make an impact on their community.

Upper School

Through presentations, focus groups and discussions, Laura Tierney engages Upper School students on social media topics relevant to their daily life. Ninth graders delve into what it means to overshare on social media and the importance of privacy settings. In tenth grade, students discuss self-esteem and cyberbullying, including ways to stand up to cyberbullies. Students in eleventh grade learn about ways to best showcase their strengths on social media, building their personal brand. Seniors look towards the future as talk about how to build a strong LinkedIn profile and how to network through social media.


Presentations by Laura Tierney to Middle and Upper School parents provide growth-minded strategies on how they can help their children navigate social media in a positive way. Parents learn about emerging platforms, privacy settings and how to enforce smart social standards.

“The positive and developmentally-appropriate work being done with our students, faculty/staff and parents creates an ongoing, supportive and educational dialogue about how to use social media for respectful outcomes."

- Dr. Susan Perry, Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs.

Social strategist and coach Laura Tierney, founder and president of The Social Institute, works closely with Ravenscroft students and parents, serving as a bridge between both groups. Tierney, in addition to coaching students, also coaches their role models, such as U.S. Olympic athletes, on digital reputation management.