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Staying Connected with Virtual PreK

By Betsy Barnett

Everybody I know has asked me how in the world it's possible to teach a virtual PreK class! They are shocked and amazed when I say it is not only possible, it is exciting and fun! However, guidance from a parent or caregiver is critical, and I feel so fortunate that my families are supportive and on board.

Every morning at 8:30 I post a cheery video on my Seesaw account. I discuss the date, weather and plans for the day. Each family receives the full week of lesson plans Sunday night. We work through the requirements for the day. There is a special book to read and retell, phonics lesson, math lesson and ALWAYS a reminder to get some exercise each day. After the activities are complete, parents photograph their child's work (and hopefully the child too so I can see their smiling faces!) and post to Seesaw. We have been using the Seesaw platform all year for communicating with parents and posting pictures from school activities, so they are familiar with how it works. 

Also, our amazing specials teachers are posting a full week of lesson plans on Sunday night. PreK students are asked to complete one activity per day from one of their specials: art, music, science, technology, library and Spanish. They are asked to fill in one activity from their P.E. passport every day. 

Here are a few highlights from our first week:

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