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Parents Can Stay Current With the Social Institute Resource Portal

By Sarah Loyola

Does it feel as if every time you turn around your child is asking you to add a new game or app to their device? Do you also worry you don’t understand exactly what you are granting them access to? For parents of children of all ages, the Internet can often feel like the wild, wild west. Therefore, parents do what they can by setting limits on screen time, filtering content on their children’s devices and talking to their children about how to behave online. However, according to Common Sense Media, even when you’ve set limits, blocked content and talked to your kids about appropriate behavior, “it’s still really tough to manage what they do when you’re not there (and even when you are).”

For this reason, Ravenscroft has partnered with The Social Institute to educate both our students and parents on how to navigate social media and technology positively. As a part of this partnership with TSI, Ravenscroft parents have access to their Resource Portal (previously known as the Social Locker Room) which offers access to the latest updates, news, and tips from The Social Institute’s founder and CEO, Laura Tierney. There are many useful aspects of the site, including:

  • Huddles: Challenging online scenarios young people face, with guides for conversations about how to best navigate them. 

  • Playbooks: These are the expert breakdowns of the apps your child wants to download. The best part is that they have been written for both parents and students, so you can read them and make a decision together about if it’s a good fit. 

  • Wall of Wins: This is a collection of real-world examples of how students are using social media and technology positively. 

  • Newsletter: If you sign up for the Resource Portal, you will receive TSI’s monthly email. This correspondence will keep you up to date on the newest trends and apps to hit the scenes. 

All the information on the portal will help guide you on how to partner with your children through open and honest conversation, instead of by covertly monitoring them behind their backs. When your children trust you and your opinions on their technology use, they are more likely to make responsible online choices and independently regulate their screentime. The Resource Portal will also keep you in the game when it comes to what your child is likely doing or soon going to want to do online. And, the best part is that you may even earn some cool points with them for being in the know. 

Interested in signing up? It’s easy! Go to and enter our School Code, which you can find in the weekly calendar. 

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