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International Diploma

The Ravenscroft International Diploma is a distinction for students exemplifying global awareness through their commitment academically, culturally, and as citizen leaders. It is another way that Ravenscroft students stand out and demonstrate pursuit of a passion.

Starting in 9th grade, students with an interest and passion for international studies may pursue the International Diploma which includes academic requirements, extracurricular requirements, global travel and hosting requirements, as well as a culminating senior project with a global focus.


Academic and Curricular Requirements

  • Upper School World History or AP World History
  • Complete Level I-III of a non-English Language of choice
  • Upper School Global Issues I & II
  • 4 Credits of Electives, chosen from the following:
    • AP English Literature; World Literature; Postmodern Literature; Identity in Literature; Shakespeare; Film Adaptation; Journalism; Economics; AP Microeconomics; AP Macroeconomics; American Government or AP Government & Politics; AP European History; AP World History (if taken in addition to World History); AP Comparative Government & Politics; AP Human Geography; Honors Seminar in Religion and Ethics; History of Civil Rights; Latin American History; AP Environmental Science; Levels IV and Higher of French, Spanish, Mandarin, or Latin; Honors Greek I & II; Linguistics; Fine Arts electives by approval; Web Page Design; Honors or AP Computer Science
  • Must maintain and submit a digital portfolio
  • Summer readings and written reflections
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA upon completing the program

Extracurricular Requirements

Candidates in the International Diploma program must demonstrate active community and civic involvement that furthers global education, awareness and perspective. Each year, candidates must participate in TWO of the following:

  • China Care/Chinese Club
  • Eco Group
  • French, Spanish or Classics Club
  • Global Ravens
  • International Micro-lending
  • Key Club
  • Kids4Kids
  • Ravens Connect
  • SHE
  • Warmth for Wake

Global Events: Attend at least three globally-themed events/presentations (on or off-campus) and submit reports

Global Experiences: Hosting and Travel Abroad Requirements

Candidates in the International Diploma program must participate in a cultural immersion experience and may choose one or more of the following opportunities:

  • Short term or semester hosting of an international student
  • Short term travel with Ravenscroft
  • Semester or year program abroad
  • Self-defined study or travel abroad experience with approval

Senior Project and Final Assessment Requirements

Culminating during the senior year, all candidates are required to complete a globally focused capstone project which is approved by and presented to the Ravenscroft International Diploma Committee. In addition, during the Spring Semester of the Senior year, the candidate must complete a final assessment comprised of both written and verbal presentations.

“The International Diploma Program helped me better understand myself and my own interests, while simultaneously broadening these interests and making me more curious and attentive to the world around me."

- Ravenscroft Senior

“The International Diploma program is excellent at helping students broaden their horizons and finding out if a career in the international realm is something they wish to pursue.”

- Ravenscroft Senior