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International Diploma

Upper School students can choose to pursue an International Diploma, which was designed to support the Ravenscroft mission in specific ways. Through the International Diploma's curricular and extracurricular requirements, students develop the knowledge, skills and disposition required to understand multiple perspectives and thrive and lead in a complex and interdependent world.

The International Diploma works hand-in-hand with our valuable and numerous international/global program, providing an opportunity for students who are interested in global issues, world languages, travel and more to pursue their passions and curiosity.


Academic and Curricular Requirements

Upper School Students seeking the International Diploma must take the following courses: 

  • World History or AP World History
  • Language other than English through level III
  • Global Issues I & II

In addition, students must complete a minimum of 2.5 credits of electives from the following list of courses. A year-long course earns 1 credit and a semester course earns 0.5 credit. 

  • AP English Literature (1)
  • Post-Colonial Literature (0.5)
  • Postmodern Literature (0.5); Shakespeare (0.5)
  • Film Adaptation (0.5)
  • Philosophy of Literature (0.5)
  • AP European History (1)
  • AP World History (1, if taken in addition to World History)
  • AP Human Geography (0.5)
  • Honors Seminar in Religion and Ethics (0.5)
  • Latin American History (0.5)
  • Honors Seminar in Critical Philosophy (0.5)
  • AP Environmental Science (1)
  • Levels IV and Higher of French, Spanish, Mandarin, or Latin (1 for each year)
  • Honors Greek I & II (1 year each)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (0.5) 

Extracurricular Requirements

Student-led clubs related to the International Diploma:

  • Children of Africa Club
  • Chinese Club
  • Classics Club
  • Eco Club
  • Global Ravens
  • Hispanic Latino Club
  • Jewish Culture Club
  • Key Club
  • Military History and Strategy Club
  • Other International Clubs (by approval)

Globally-themed events/presentations, both on and off-campus:

  • Ravenscroft Chinese New Year Display
  • Ravenscroft Cultural Festival
  • Ravenscroft Diwali Display
  • Cary Lantern Festival
  • Cary Diwali
  • NC Latin American Film Festival
  • The Light Up Festival in Chapel Hill
  • Raleigh International Festival
  • World Refugee Day in Raleigh
  • Triangle Dragon Boat Festival

Global Experiences: Hosting and Travel Abroad Requirements

  • Short-term or semester-long hosting of an international student, with approval of Ravenscroft
  • Short-term travel with Ravenscroft
  • Semester or year abroad program, with approval of Ravenscroft

Senior Project and Final Assessment Requirements

Graduating seniors will participate in a final assessment comprising both written and oral presentations during their spring semester. Students must pass this assessment successfully and also maintain a 3.0 GPA on the International Diploma courses to be awarded the Ravenscroft International Diploma.

Digital Portfolio

Students will have to maintain and submit a digital portfolio every year, for which they will earn points towards the International Diploma. The point system is described below


What is required of the student seeking the Ravenscroft International Diploma?

Curricular requirements, extracurricular requirements, travel/hosting, digital portfolio, global senior project, final assessment, and other requirements (see above).

Who is eligible to join the program?

Any freshman or sophomore with interest who is able to meet the requirements.

When should I decide to pursue the International Diploma?

Preferably by second semester of freshman year; latest by first semester of sophomore year.

Will this help me get into college?

Getting into college should not be the reason to pursue the International Diploma. However, the International Diploma certainly provides evidence that a student has gone the extra mile in pursuit of a passion, and it will appear on students' transcripts starting the end of their junior year.

Other questions?

Contact the International Diploma Committee with any questions:

“The International Diploma Program helped me better understand myself and my own interests, while simultaneously broadening these interests and making me more curious and attentive to the world around me."

- Ravenscroft senior

β€œThe International Diploma program is excellent at helping students broaden their horizons and finding out if a career in the international realm is something they wish to pursue.”

- Ravenscroft Senior