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Global Experiences

Lead From Here — even across the globe. Ravenscroft is committed to nurturing and preparing future citizen leaders to thrive and become positive contributors in a complex and interdependent world. Our global travel, study abroad, hosting and exchange programs are among the ways we cultivate global perspective and cultural awareness.

Each year, Ravenscroft offers Middle and Upper School students a variety of travel and study abroad options that, through service learning opportunities, challenge, expand and shape student’s views in ways that span international boundaries. 

Upper School Experiences

Global Citizens Initiative

Young global citizens from across the world participate in a 10-month fellowship that kicks off at the GCI Summit, where they explore global issues through the lenses of engagement, ethics, excellence and leadership and identify a pressing global issue they will address as part of a service project. 

Global Public Service Academies - Belize

Offered over Spring Break, this program allows students to acquire knowledge of a different culture, become more internationally aware and culturally competent, learn how to think creatively and critically, and contribute to the development of a country in need. Working with faculty and medical fellows from Duke and Johns Hopkins, students immerse themselves in the culture and learn about health care and other issues in the developing world.

Community Service in Zambia

Students organize a drive for school supplies and technology that they then take to schools in Zambia over Spring Break. Students also visit Victoria Falls, participate in an elephant interaction experience and hear from conservationists. 

Spoleto Study Abroad Summer Session - Italy

During the three-week summer session, students in this intensive interdisciplinary program explore the rich cultural and artistic heritage of central Italy and work with talented faculty and peer students from around the world to create works and grow academically and artistically. 

Middle School Experiences

World Wars Historical Experience - Europe

Over Spring Break, seventh- and eighth-grade students delve into World War I and World War II topics covered in the Middle School history curriculum, exploring European cities, monuments, museums and other historical locations. 

Service and Cultural Immersion Program - Costa Rica

Held during Spring Break, the Costa Rican immersion program features language development, cultural immersion and service learning. Students help clean up a river and spending significant time at a rural school in the village of Atenas, delivering supplies and working with students. Participants will learn Costa Rican traditions, engage in ecotourism and hone their Spanish skills as well as visit Volcano Poas, the Paz Waterfall Gardens and El Refugio Herpetologico.

Summer Exploration Camp - England

The ISCA campus is located in Charterhouse School, an old and prestigious independent school nestled in the British countryside. Students explore the Tower of London, House of Parliament, Shakespeare and Stratford, Westminster Abbey, Bath and Stonehenge, the Globe Theatre, Canterbury, Becket and Chaucer, Wimbledon, Blenheim Palace, Oxford and Windsor Castle. 

International Exchange and Hosting Opportunities


For students interested in exploring the Chinese culture, our partnership with Beijing No. 20 High School provides an exceptional opportunity. Ravenscroft families host a student from Beijing No. 20. High School and help them explore American culture in Raleigh. During the summer, Ravenscroft students immerse themselves in the Beijing culture for two weeks by living with a host family in Beijing and attending a class at Beijing No. 20 High School.

English-Speaking Union Program

Interested in English-speaking opportunities to further a global education? Ravenscroft participates in the English-Speaking Union Program. Upon graduation, Ravenscroft students attend a postgraduate “gap year” or a semester studying abroad in the United Kingdom or Argentina.


For students interested in exploring the Spanish culture, our partnership with the Centro Escolar Amanecer School, in Alcorcon, Madrid provides an exceptional opportunity. Ravenscroft families host a student from Madrid for approximately three weeks during the fall semester, helping them explore American culture in Raleigh. Then, in February, Ravenscroft students immerse themselves in the culture of Madrid while attending classes at Centro Escolar Amanecer School.

Gap Year

The English-Speaking Union

The English-Speaking Union is a nonprofit educational organization that employs the English language to foster global understanding and good will through educational opportunities and cultural exchange programs.

Global Citizen Year

Each year GCY recruits and trains a talented and diverse corps of high-school graduates from across America and beyond and supports them through a school-year-long immersion in communities in India, Brazil, Ecuador and Senegal. As Fellows, they live with a local family and work as apprentices supporting efforts in education, health and the environment. Through training, coaching and structured reflection, Fellows develop skills and perspectives that guide their education, shape their character and inform their leadership. Individual programs can be designed for students who are interested. 

“It is safe to say that hosting Álvaro was the best decision and experience of my entire high school career. I created lifelong relationships with both my American and Spanish peers, I learned a lot about a culture and lifestyle that fascinates me, and I believe that I came out as a better person."

— Ravenscroft student-host

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