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Ravenscroft has always dared to dream big dreams and then worked hard together to achieve them. In the words of longtime Ravenscroft board member and visionary Fran Pugh, “Everything we do, we do for the kids.”

Throughout 2021, in partnership with our Board of Trustees and the Leadership Team, we conducted research and sought feedback from our academic community, alumni and parent groups to help shape and inform Ravenscroft’s strategic direction, establishing a new plan for our future that will allow us to best meet the contemporary needs of students over the next five years.

“Framing Our Future — 2022 Strategic Plan for Ravenscroft” underscores our community’s commitment to providing educational excellence, cultivating citizen leaders and emphasizing health and wellness.

We invite you to explore this vision of what comes next for Ravenscroft. Framing Our Future provides us with a blueprint for success that is both purposeful and adaptable — building on the agility and aspiration that have ensured our success over the past five decades on this campus.


Our Professionals

Nothing is more important to the Ravenscroft mission than the inspirational talents of excellent teachers and the essential support of our dedicated employees. As a diverse community of skilled and caring professionals, we come together to nurture the potential of each student in an environment that is challenging, accepting, adaptive, respectful and honest.

To support and nurture our present and future professional teams, we will:

  • Attract, retain and support high-performing individuals who are committed to the unique independent school environment

  • Ensure that we offer competitive salaries and benefits as well as mentoring and support programs

  • Focus on diverse representation in our recruitment and hiring of outstanding teachers and staff

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Our Programs

At Ravenscroft, our student-centric curricular programming is shaped by collaboration, enriched by the arts, interwoven with health and wellness and anchored in citizen leadership development. We believe the ideal learning environment for children catalyzes their curiosity, develops their skills and knowledge and gives ample opportunity for scholastic, athletic and artistic expression.

We believe Ravenscroft is able to prepare each student to maximize their educational opportunities while prioritizing health and well-being. We foster a culture of wellness while helping students develop the skills and tools necessary to navigate emotional challenges in a complex world.

We believe in nurturing the individual potential of students while ensuring every member of our community feels welcomed, accepted, known and cared for. Our faculty and staff strive to be culturally competent and establish connections with all students.

To support and vitalize our present and future programs, we will:


Our Relationships

One of the most important aspects of a child’s learning journey is the relationship that exists between the student, school and home. We know the importance of — and place a high priority on — cultivating meaningful and effective relationships with all members of our community to best serve the needs of our students. These relationships not only support and further the educational experience, they also establish a lifelong connection to Ravenscroft and our community.

To support and vitalize our present and future relationships, we will:


Our Institutional Sustainability and Philanthropy

Fully funding our distinctive programs is essential to our ability to fulfill our mission and to continue building on our legacy of excellence. In order to ensure Ravenscroft’s institutional sustainability for future generations of learners, we will evaluate our ongoing revenue opportunities, drive philanthropic support, assess market demands and continue strengthening our reputation and brand.

To support and vitalize our present and future institutional sustainability, we will:

  • Prepare and position the school to launch a major campaign with a compelling message to support programs and other strategic priorities

  • Create a philanthropic community mindset through partnering with admissions, communications, and alumni and parent groups

  • Examine our strategic demographic modeling process and incorporate those insights into financial planning

  • Expand and enhance revenue opportunities by further opening campus to the broader community through Auxiliary Programs and Summer Camps

  • Enhance and update Ravenscroft’s visual identity and style guide, establish guidelines for inclusive/equitable language and empower community members to be positive advocates for enhancing the school’s reputation

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