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Affinity Groups at Ravenscroft


A collection of individual students, with a shared identity but separate unique experiences, that will allow for the facilitation of positive identity exploration, dialogue support, development and empowerment of the individuals and the group as a whole in order to better serve the Ravenscroft community.*

*As crafted by Student Diversity Leadership Council and US D&I Committee in 2016-17


Research has shown that affinity groups are key to supporting our young people to reach their full potential. For groups of students (or parents) that may differ in religion, race, ethnicity or otherwise from the majority of the population of the school, affinity groups achieve this through positive affirmation of identity and by building capacity for learning how to build relationships across difference.  

Furthermore, affinity groups are consistent with the mission of the school to “prepare students for a complex and interdependent world” and with the Board Approved Diversity Statement of the School:

"Ravenscroft believes that a diverse and inclusive community is an essential element of a rich and educational experience. We are committed to cultivating an environment in which all persons feel embraced and valued. Ravenscroft seeks to nurture respect for diversity in all its forms, through its policies, curriculum and programs.”

What affinity groups are available at Ravenscroft?

  • African-American/African boys
  • African-American/African girls
  • Jewish
  • Indian sub-continent
  • Atheist/non-religious
  • Multi-racial/cross-cultural adoptee

Each of these affinity groups was formed in a response to student interest and are great examples of students exhibiting the competencies of Leading Self, Leading with Others and Changing their World for the better. Questions about affinity groups at Ravenscroft, including how one can be formed, can be directed to Dr. Susan Perry, Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs or Peter Bogue, Head of Upper School.