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Diversity and Inclusion

In January 2007, the Ravenscroft Board of Trustees adopted a diversity statement to exemplify our innate value of diversity as an essential component to “prepare students to thrive in a complex and interdependent world.” Our diversity statement reads:

"Ravenscroft believes that a diverse and inclusive community is an essential element of a rich and educational experience. We are committed to cultivating an environment in which all persons feel embraced and valued. Ravenscroft seeks to nurture respect for diversity in all its forms, through its policies, curriculum and programs.”

Ravenscroft does not discriminate on any basis in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid decisions, and athletic or co-curricular programs. Ravenscroft also does not discriminate on any basis in the hiring of faculty and staff."

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Ravenscroft believes diversity and inclusion are essential to a 21st century community of learning and growth. In nurturing each student intellectually, ethically, spiritually, and physically, Ravenscroft prepares young people for lives of responsibility, leadership and service.

Our Teachers Share

Lower School

The ability to collaborate and think alternatively are skills our students will need to succeed and thrive in our complex and interdependent world. By exposing our students to differences, they will be greeted with such an opportunity to develop and practice these skills.

- Shanise Mark, 4th grade teacher

In Lower School, we strive for continuous growth as a diverse and inclusive learning community. Our Lead From Here framework gives us a common language to engage in conversations and facilitate learning experiences related to diversity and inclusion throughout our community. Through events and classroom experiences, we seek to promote a positive sense of self for each child, while also nurturing a deeper understanding of what it means to be compassionate and culturally inclusive citizen leaders. Community Conversations for Lower School families are held throughout the year to encourage courageous conversations about how we can best prepare each and every child to thrive in our ever changing and beautifully diverse world. Our Lower School faculty engages in professional development which encourages culturally responsive teaching and deepens the cultural competence of each teacher.

- Karrah Lewis, Kindergarten Teacher

Middle School

Through the lens of Lead From Here, students are encouraged to share their perspectives and engage in courageous conversations that allow for each person’s viewpoint to be valued and heard. As an institution, we embrace the opportunity for our students to share their backgrounds, cultures, and identities in various aspects of school life. This is a critical component of our work as educators in how we meet the School’s mission in preparing students to thrive in our complex, and interdependent world.

- Wes Brown, Middle School Instructional Technology Specialist and History & Social Studies Instructor

Diversity and Inclusion is not seen as an add-on topic for the Middle School, but rather as a frame of reference through which all students operate from, both in and out of the classroom. Using the Lead From Here framework, our goal is to cultivate a disposition in students through which they are able to engage in civil discourse to hear, respect, understand and learn from others who have varying cultural backgrounds and differing perspectives. These brave spaces are nurtured to create greater curiosity, understanding and respect amongst all.

- Sameera Anwar 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts

Upper School


Ravenscroft looks at diversity and inclusivity from a holistic viewpoint. We challenge students to go beyond tolerating difference to understanding, celebrating, and embracing diverse cultures, groups and practices. We also equip students with strategies to communicate in an effective and productive manner when speaking about these topics, whether it is exposure in a Lead From Here activity or exercises in class. All of these skills are important in the overall growth of our students in preparing them to be ready for life after Ravenscroft.

- Alfie Hobbs, Upper School Computer Science Teacher

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