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"Huddle > Helicopter": Parents learn to help their students navigate social media in a positive way

For the last two years ago, Ravenscroft and The Social Institute have teamed up to help teach students positive ways to manage one of the biggest drivers of their development in this digital age: social media.

Led by founder and president Laura Tierney, The Social Institute team has met with Upper School and Middle School students to explore using social media positively and powerfully through fun activities such as social sprints, small-group sessions, “What emoji is this?” and phone swaps to review social profiles.

To create alignment between the sessions taught at school and what goes on at home, Ravenscroft has hosted two parent workshops, “Coach Your Child To Win at Social Media,” that provide valuable tools for how to support teens’ positive use of social media and technology.

One of Laura’s tips? Huddle > Helicopter.

“It feels like there is a disconnect in trust if a parent acts like a helicopter around social media,” Tierney said in the parent meeting. “We feel like ‘huddling,’ versus ‘helicoptering,’ builds trust. If the going gets tough, your child will feel like they can come to you for advice.”

Two more parent workshops will be scheduled for parents to attend in the spring. In the meantime, all Ravenscroft parents have access the Social Locker Room, a digital resource that can help parents proactively empower their children to make smart decisions on social media, save time with expert breakdowns of apps teens and tweens use, and model what using social media positively looks like.

Use the instructions listed here to redeem your free access to the Social Locker Room as a parent at Ravenscroft. Code: RAVEN175EB1