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Fine Arts Association Members Relish Supporting Role​

The Fine Arts Association works with department faculty and staff to support programs and productions through fundraising, PR and volunteer support. Here, FAA leadership — president Irene Wadley, VP Angela Keifer and PA liaison Simon Capell — share recent highlights of their work on behalf of our fine arts students.

There is always an adventure to be had and something amazing to be part of as we bring fantastic memories and enjoyable experiences to our Ravenscroft community. 

At the beginning of the year, there is always a massive amount of excitement. What is the musical for this year? Is there a madrigal dinner? Will we have one play or two? Who are the visiting artists, and how can we help highlight their gorgeous work? What are the yearly trips? 

What about the everyday things we do in preparation for the plays and musicals? At the very question, I find myself laughing as I am currently “typing” with one hand as the other is trying to get the epoxy to set on the 1700s French general’s hat just in time for tech week for our upcoming production, “Emilie: La Marquise Du Chȃtelet Defends Her Life Tonight” (coming to the young peoples’ theatre this Friday, Jan. 24, and Saturday, Jan. 25, at 7 p.m!). To accurately depict our story, we must take you on a small adventure in preparation for our most recent shows. 

“Beauty and the Beast” (Spring 2019): Ah, the beautiful, charming provincial countryside of France … who does not love France?! The kids could sing (and they sounded terrific), and they could dance (it was lovely), but after all, this was supposed to be France. It required creativity and our inner artists. Turning the kids into utensils and dishes so they could whirl around the stage with limited spatial awareness was a fantastic idea! 

“Chicago” (Fall 2019): We found ourselves roaring into the 1920s. And we do mean roaring, as we had loads of ideas. We were so excited, and our thoughts so grand, we had to consult with engineers outside of the school to help us with our plans. We chose to roll out the new additions slowly. First, we gave the cast and crew stars on the windows of the Fine Arts Center. Then the red carpet was rolled out, and up went the marquee. The flower sales were another excellent addition by a creative volunteer. Yes, it entailed hours of work (sometimes painful, we might add — roses have thorns) but was very well received by everyone. Seeing such delighted reactions to each of our new ideas made all the efforts worth it! Thank you for embracing our creativity! 

And throughout it all, we have the beautiful headshots and photography needed to cover every musical, every play, every Madrigal Dinner and anything else we can think to photograph. Truthfully, we could have written an entire page on Simon Capell’s work alone! In Simon’s own words, “Capturing images is much more than a photo shoot, it is the recording of memories for the lifelong enjoyment of parents, students and faculty. I am convinced that our Fine Arts Department is one of our community’s crown jewels.” We could not agree more!

Where can you find us? We are typically “loitering” around Elisabeth McChesney’s office in the Fine Arts Center or putting up our flower sale posters or Fine Arts magnets.

Are there any special requirements to be part of FAA? No, just a desire to be part of a team, have fun and create something truly amazing. We will take you with or without any experience in fine arts. So please, come to the next meeting; we love seeing old friends and new faces alike. Bring your fresh ideas – we like those too!

What is next on our agenda, you ask? Well … that is a well-guarded secret, one which we cannot tell you, at least not yet! However, if you are curious — as we imagine you are at this point — we suggest you look for hints and clues around campus and in our school publications. It will be fun, and there may even be a bit of mayhem. It is always a fantastic adventure with the Fine Arts Association. And if adventure is not your style, well, we also bring cookies to the meetings. 

Thank you to these recent parent volunteers:

Faculty/Staff Holiday Gifts

Heather Conway
Jen Munford

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon

We value every contribution our volunteers make! If your name has inadvertently been left off a list, please contact Tammy Haywood.