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Thank You to Our Fall 2018 Parent Volunteers

We’d like to extend our deep appreciation to the parent volunteers who worked tirelessly to build community, support our programs and bring special school-wide events and activities to life at Ravenscroft this fall! 

Read about the contributions made to our school by Parents’ Association, RAC, Global Parent Ambassadors and Fine Arts Association this fall — and the many wonderful volunteers who made everything possible. Then stay tuned for more volunteer recognition in our April edition of Ravens Reports!

Parents’ Association

The mission of our Parents’ Association is to promote connection and community within Ravenscroft. This fall, almost 200 volunteers worked together to put on over a dozen special events, including Fall Festival, celebration days and faculty and staff lunches. They spearheaded important programs such as the Book Fair, Go Play Save, Ravens Go Local and School Kidz school supply orders. What’s more, they maintained the Lower School butterfly garden; supplied meals to families in need through Croft; served as division coordinators, room parents and grade-level reps; and organized teacher and staff gifts and exam snacks.

Aeri Meyers
Aimee Henley
Alba Becske
Alexia Soria Lloyd
Alina Zhyhunova
Alison Anderson
Allard van der Heiden
Amelia Karpowitz
Amelia Warner
Amie Becton
Amy Barger
Amy Beal
Amy Cantando
Amy Seier
Anastasia Nickolas
Andrea Fox
Angel Torres
Angela Keifer
Anita Wells
Anne Krouse
Anne Mehr
April Briddell
Ashley Ritcher
Audrey Pacca
Bernardo Guzman
Beth Atkeson
Beverly Dunn
Billie Strickland
Bo Zhao
Bobbie Jean Weiler
Britt Macnabb
Brooke McDaniel
Brooke Rivers
Caline Glenn
Candace Olander
Carla Frederick
Carrie Rivera
Carrie Rogers
Carrie Shoemaker
Casey Banta
Chantelle Fofaria
Charlotte Perdue
Chastity Sullivan
Christi Jones
Christina Woelffer
Christine Finney
Christine Wu
Christy Team
Collin McMichael
Corinne Beirne
Courtney Brock
Crystal Keefe
Dani Stansell
David Hutchings
David O’Connell
Debbie Tascher
Dina White
Dominic Santacaterina
Dominique Primus
Doug Schultz
Ed Robbins
Elaine Hankins
Elisa Barbone
Elizabeth Hadley
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Purrington
Emily Farrell
Erica Carter
Erica Rankin
Erin Hollingshead
Erin Hunter
Faye Wilson
Felecia Hughey
Georganne Santacaterina
Greg Warren
Hannah Goldstein
Heather Conway
Heather Tyler
Hong Hessler
Irene Wadley
Iris Owens
Jaclyn McGhee
James Team
Jane Kim
Jane Reed
Jean Enochs
Jeanette Hohls
Jeff Edwards
Jen Miller
Jen Munford
Jen Wickline
Jennifer Brock
Jennifer Fincher
Jennifer Gerber
Jennifer King
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer McAleer
Jennifer Munford
Jennifer Ogan
Jessica Saunders
Jessica Sullivan McDonald      
Josefina Hanna
Juli Marty
Julia Addison
Julie Davenport
Julie McGinnis
Kaileen McDonald
Karen Erikson
Karen Taber
Kari Shoemaker
Kate Thompson

Kathleen Barker
Kathy Pretzer
Katie Gillespie
Keeci Thompson
Keith Lawton
Kelly Gould
Kelly Margraf
Kelly Ramsey
Kile Law
Kim Gridley
Kim van der Heiden
Kirsten Avery
Kristen Ange
Kristin Rosowski
Kristin Stringer
Lara Coffey
Latonya Terry
Laura Kalorin
Laura Lawton
Laura Parker
Laura Scott
Leigh Ayn Haralambakis
Leslie Roth
Lindsay McAulay
Lisa Howell
Lisa Kotzen
Lisa Lindauer
Lisa Petrelli
Lisa Peverall
Lisa Russo
Louise Gibney
Louise Wilson
Luisa Campos
Malinda Schantz
Mansi Modi
Marcie Mondschein
Maria Vassallo
Marleanda Brown
Mary Atasoy
Masha Halonkina
Maureen Legaria
Megan Baldwin
Mehrunissa Owens
Melissa Burgess
Melissa Short
Michelle Glover
Michelle Gomez
Michelle Hardy
Michelle O'Donnell
Michelle Schulze
Michelle Simms-Reiter
Mindy Marlowe
Monica Warren
Nella DeMent
Nicole Carter
Nicole Girvan
Nicole Hauck
Nina Segars
Noah Berger
Noelle Coker
Pamela Campbell
Pamela Russell
Parker Wright
Patricia Edwards
Peggy Robbins
Rebecca Gehring
Rich Gillespie
Robin Coats
Robyn Ziperski
Ronix Owens
Ronni Bowen
Rusty McDonald
Sabeen Khawaja
Sally Schmalz
Samantha Griffin
Samantha Hall
Sandy Rahn
Sarah El-Assi
Sarah Foster
Scott Ringenbach
Sean Marlowe
Shawna Browne
Sophie Mulatero
Stacy Skubic
Stephanie Beckett
Stephanie Godiwala
Sukonya Gogoi
Susan Eichler
Susan Fesko
Susan Goldstein
Susan Turner
Sylvia Hammons
Tammie Rhodes
Tatiana Regonaschi
Teresa Evans-Hunter
Teresa Williams
Tiffany Weber-Phillips
Tina Schultz
Tracey Davidian
Tracey Mason
Tracey Shepherd
Tracey Zola
Veronica Debrah
Victoria Kennedy
Vivu Nainani
Xihong Yang
Yan Xu
Ye Chen
Yihong Tang Ye
Yori Lucien
Zhenrong Wen

Ravens Athletic Club

The Ravens Athletic Club supports all aspects of Ravenscroft athletics, including promoting school spirit, good sportsmanship, team support and volunteer commitment. This fall, over 40 volunteers worked together to produce special events and activities including Homecoming and the annual soccer tournament; sold concessions at games; and supported student efforts of A Crucial Catch.

Amy Johnson
Anna Nethery
Anthony Glenn
Barb Enloe
Behnaz Atree
Bonita Young
Caline Glenn
Candace Olander
Dan Ressner
Deborah Thompson
Diana Stiefel
Diane Alridge
Jane Hamlin
Jeannette Hohls
Jen Swift
Jennifer Corigliano
Jennifer Marchi Davis
Jenny Winston
Karen Taber
Kathleen Barker
Kelvin Jones
Ken Hayman
Kim Gridley
Kim Mathan
Lorin Hord Mazzucchelli    

Kathleen Webster-Jones
Keisha Dozier
Kelly Gould
Mark Taber
Martha Schneider
Mary Atasoy
Matt Thomas
Melissa Edwards
Michele Nelson
Michelle Stantz
Ramona Holdstock
Robyn Ziperski
Sally Schmalz
Stori Bartle
Sue Welch
Susheel Atree
Tammy Haywood
Teesta Sullivan
Tiffany Phillips
Tom Barker
Veronica Evans

Global Parent Ambassadors

The Global Parent Ambassadors is a social group of globally minded parents seeking to foster community among new and existing families, whether they are from another country or state or have lived in Raleigh for many years. This fall, the all-volunteer GPA steering committee worked together to produce a handful of special events and activities, including a “Ravenscroft Glossary” presentation, welcome breakfast, and many social events!

Aeri Meyers
Bonita Young
Elisa Barbone
Jodi Ross
Karen Taber
Kelly Margraf
Vivu Nainani     


Fine Arts Association

The Fine Arts Association supports and enhances programmatic and cocurricular activities for the Fine Arts Department and its students. This fall, around 40 volunteers worked together to assist with events and activities including the production of the Fine Arts booklet, the fall production of “Moon Over Buffalo,” Middle and Upper School ensemble concerts, and the Madrigal Dinner.

Amy Kloster
Angela Keifer
Angie Crookenden
Bobbie Jean Weiler
Britt Macnabb
Cheryl Davis
Christine Bannerman
Deanna and Zeb Anderson .      
Donna Rutigliano
Easter Maynard
Elisa Barbone
Emily Porter
Erica Carter
Hollis Dorafshar
Hong Hessler
Irene Wadley
Jessica Saunders
Julie Davenport

Karen Taber
Kathleen Barker
Kathy Pretzer
Kelley Foster
Kristie Sisson
Linda Day
Lydia Pangborn
Mahsa Ghodrat
Mehrunissa Owens
Rob Naslund
Sally Schmalz
Simon Capell
Susan Sugar
Teesta Sullivan
Thomas Pangborn
Tiffany Weber-Phillips
Tonya Zucker
Xihong Yang
Yan Xu