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Proud Fifth-Graders Mark End of Lower School Years

Joined by their teachers, family and friends, the fifth-grade class came together to celebrate their time in the Lower School and look forward to the transition to sixth grade. The closing exercises took place on Friday, May 22, via Zoom. 

In her welcoming remarks, Head of Lower School Nicole Girvan said:

What a year it has been. I can confidently say this is the first of its kind during my career. And this school, including this fifth-grade class, rose to the occasion and exceeded expectations. Nobody could have predicted our transition to virtual learning.

Throughout the year, our fifth-grade students engaged in projects in special events such as packing 10,152 meals during their Rise Against Hunger experience in January ... They also participated in project-based learning adventures, including escape rooms, food sustainability simulations, construction and deconstruction of hurricane-proof structures, and colonial settlements and survival simulations.

Last but not least, we cannot overlook their seamless transition from on-campus school environment to virtual school. During this time their level of independence and navigating a brand new schedule was an exceptional accomplishment. As you just heard, the fifth grade is an outstanding class that rose to every challenge. This class chose to persevere. This class stepped into the unknown and forged forward with courage and leadership.

Several classmates took to the (virtual) stage to share special memories and reflections on their Lower School and fifth-grade experiences.

Aidan Schechtman talked about his move from New York to Raleigh when he was 7 years old and how he felt welcome on his visiting day. 

Channing Brewington talked about how much she enjoyed cheerleading with her peers.  

Sophie Idler talked about being a new student at Ravenscroft in Mrs. Brown’s first-grade classroom and making new friends.   

Gabriel Loyola talked about winning Battle of the Books in Greensboro and the support the team got from the community. 

Madison Rankin talked about putting food packages together for Rise Against Hunger with her fifth-grade class.

Philip Sugar talked about presenting his research on Orville Wright during the Second-Grade Time Machine.

Hannah Bever talked about the magic of St. Patrick’s Day in the Lower School.

Sam Hollingshead remembered the zombie games he played with friends on the playground and the fun of finding “zombie worms.”

Each homeroom teacher announced the names of all of the students in their class. To wrap up the ceremony, everyone watching enjoyed a slideshow of highlights from the year. 

Congratulations to our fifth-graders! Watch the ceremony here