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Faculty and Staff Recognition Presentation Honors Retirees, Employee Milestones

The forum was a Zoom presentation rather than an in-person gathering in Jones Theatre, but the faculty and staff who joined in on May 18 were nevertheless delighted to celebrate the milestone years of longevity for their Ravenscroft colleagues as well as the impacts made by those who are retiring and those who are moving on to other opportunities. Led by Doreen Kelly and outgoing Chair of the Board of Trustees Kevin Anderson ’82, the presentation brought the full faculty and staff together for the first time since March.

Kelly began by thanking these faculty and staff who are moving on to other opportunities: Upper School science teacher Kathryn Fromson, Lower School teacher Dante Johnson, Director of Global Education & Initiatives David Kates, Middle School World Language teacher Ginny Lam, Lower School P.E. teacher Trey Lewis, Middle School science teacher Paul McAllister, Upper School World Language teacher Anne Theunissen, Middle School language arts teacher Karen Westbrook and Lower School teacher Lauren Wieczorek. Best wishes to all!

She then moved on to recognize those faculty and staff who have hit milestone years in their tenure at Ravenscroft: 

10 Years of Service

  • Megan Bever, Second Grade Teacher

  • Michael Erikson, Upper School Mathematics Teacher and Department Chair

  • Kevin Flinn, Upper School English Teacher

  • Alison Kelly, Upper School English Teacher

15 Years of Service

  • Greg Anysz, Middle School Dean and History/Social Studies Teacher

  • David Myers, Physical Education Teacher and Department Chair

  • Maria Ramusevic, Middle and Upper School Library Assistant

  • Gina Taylor, School Nurse

  • Greg Warren, Director of Aquatics and Physical Education Teacher

20 Years of Service

  • Peggy Bass, Extended Day Teacher

  • Kevin Billerman, Assistant Head of Upper School for Student Leadership

  • Philip Kielty, Upper School Social Studies Teacher and Ninth-Grade Dean

  • Patrick Knox, Lower School Science Teacher

  • Timothy Phillips, Middle School Science Teacher

  • Scott Ringenbach, Middle School Teacher

  • Denise Simpson, Third Grade Teacher

  • Russell Vacanti, Stagecraft Teacher and Theatre Manager

  • Janet Vande Berg, Middle School Science and STEM+ Teacher

25 Years of Service

  • Ann Carroll, Upper School Mathematics Teacher

  • Chip Hoggard, Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Operations

  • Leonard Johnson, Associate Head of School for Business & Finance

30 Years of Service

  • Denise Colpitts, Head of Middle School

Other Years of Service

  • Renee Riggs (33 years)

  • Greg Long (36 years)

  • Chris Harper (37 years)

  • Ned Gonet (39 years)

  • Melony Lightfoot (39 years)

Kelly also honored the faculty and staff who are retiring. They are:

  • Joyce Fillip, Upper School Art Teacher and Department Chair (24 years)

  • Bob Hale, Middle School Social Studies Teacher (7 years)

  • Patrick Knox, Lower School Science Teacher (20  years)

  • Marcia Ostendorff, Middle School Science Teacher (19 years)

  • Russell Vacanti, Stagecraft Teacher and Theater Manager (20 years)

  • Denise Colpitts, Head of Middle School (30 years)

Anderson then shared that the Board of Trustees, with the full support of the families and organizations that have endowed Ravenscroft’s four faculty/staff awards (the Helton Award, the Qubain Award, the O’Herron Award and the Parents’ Association Distinguished Faculty Award), had decided to combine the monetary gifts usually bestowed to individual recipients and instead provide each member of the faculty and staff with a gift in recognition of their extraordinary dedication and hard work in transitioning to remote teaching, learning and delivery of services.  

Anderson also introduced Ravenscroft parent and trustee Amy Batten, who will be succeeding him as board chair. Our most sincere gratitude goes to Kevin for his years of service and leadership!

You may watch a recording of the full presentation here.