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Third-Grade COVID-19 Time Capsule

Project by Knox Musante ’29 | Back to Table of Contents


While third-graders were engaged in remote learning this spring, each of them created a time capsule to document their experiences in this extraordinary moment in history, with the plan of opening it when they are seniors in 2029. Students used the project to reflect on who they are as independent learners and how their feelings have changed throughout their stay-at-home experience. In addition to completing a packet exploring different elements of their lives, they selected art projects, class assignments and personal mementos that represent their time of virtual learning and added them to their time capsules. Classroom teachers and the Winston Library staff provided guidance and support.

Knox Musante ’29, a student in Nicole Willis’s class, shared these reflections about the work he did on his time capsule.

Why was this experience important to you?

This experience was important to me because it will take me back in time to this time, unless time travel is invented by 2029. The time capsule project is something that I have enjoyed doing, and I am really excited to stumble upon it when I am a high school senior at Ravenscroft. 

What did you enjoy most about this experience?

I enjoyed everything. It was an awesome experience. I enjoyed finding items to put in the time capsule, and I enjoyed doing the paperwork. The worksheet that I liked the most was the “You Are Living Through History Right Now” page. 

Knox works on his packet for the COVID-19 Time Capsule.

1. Knox (dressed up for Beach Shirt Day during Spirit Week) checks in with teacher Nicole Willis and classmates.
2. Knox’s completed worksheet, “You Are Living Through History Right Now”
3. Knox’s completed worksheet, “You Are Not Stuck at Home, You Are Safe at Home”

In this video, Lower School librarian Emily Zeblo guides students on how to write a letter.

Knox shares reflections on the experience of creating a time capsule.

Knox and his classmates completed this packet to document their experiences.
Download full PDF here.

Knox’s time capsule will be tucked away until his senior year.