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Work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Continues

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In an era marked by a growing national focus on the systemic racial inequities in America, Ravenscroft leadership continues to make meaningful work in diversity, equity and inclusivity a priority. The Board of Trustees has created the Board Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, chaired by trustee Demetris White Cheatham, and tasked the group with providing ongoing visioning and governance of the school’s DE&I efforts. 

One strategic goal is cultivating and supporting a diverse workforce and providing DE&I training and professional development for all employees. In addition, school leaders are working to provide more opportunities for members of our community to engage with DE&I initiatives such as affinity groups, which allow students, employees and families to connect with people who share aspects of their identity. 

Trustee Demetris White Cheatham (left) and Assistant Head of School for Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion Lisa Horton (right) anchor the school’s work in diversity, equity and inclusivity.

This summer, Lisa Horton, Assistant Head of School for Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion, launched several programs to provide additional support for Black-identifying members of the Ravenscroft community. She held two remote sessions with faculty and staff (one in conjunction with DE&I directors and employees at other area independent schools) and three with Middle and Upper School students to explore the impact of racism, violence and trauma on Black communities and encourage self-care and mutual support. 

A third outreach effort, with Black-identifying alumni, seeks to understand how Ravenscroft can continue to grow and improve as an inclusive community that values and supports all of its members. As part of this initiative, alumni mentors will provide guidance and encouragement for Upper School students. Interested alumni are encouraged to email Horton to learn more about getting involved.

As part of the school’s DE&I outreach this summer, Black-identifying Middle and Upper School students were invited to participate in the “Young, Gifted and Black Summer Dialogue Series” with Horton and other Black-identifying faculty and staff.