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Day 7

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In Middle School’s semester-long Art Journaling elective, students transform an old hardcover book into a creative exploration of their feelings, dreams, experiences and aspirations, using paints, crayons, colored pencils, collage paper and more to illuminate inspirational quotes, poetry, lyrics and their own writing. These samples are from art teacher Jennifer Lam’s first-semester class.

six lower school students group

ellene warner ’26

Katie Barger ’26

One of my favorite parts of Art Journaling class is that it is a good time to relax and let your imagination run free. In this class we have a book with art on each page, we call this book our journal, and it is! They can be for only yourself to look at, or it can be shared with your peers and teachers.

You might be asking why I chose this page to share. One day we were told to create a Winter Wonderland page, and I thought about what a winter wonderland meant to me. I thought of snow, ice, bare trees and snowmen. After a few minutes, I concluded that a snow globe included all those things and would beautifully represent what a winter wonderland was to me.  With a little inspiration from other snow globes, I was able to create my winter snow globe.

Art Journaling is my favorite class and I hope to be able to take it again in the years ahead. 

Beixi Gu ’25

I have always loved poems and quotes because they make me feel inspired to draw and create. That is why most of my pages are filled with quotes that I love and poems that I’ve been reading since I was a kid. I feel like the words are art too. They bring life in what seems like just simple words, and that is what art journaling really means, to bring words to life. 

Kate Krouse ’26

Art Journaling is probably my favorite class because I get to show my creativity. What I love about this class is that you don’t have to be the best artist in the world to be able to make great pages and have fun.

The page that I am showing is my “Christmas Eve” page. The inspiration behind my “Christmas Eve” page is about when my sisters and I were little and we loved staying up to look at the Santa tracker and wait for Santa to come. We always loved setting out the cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.

I am so lucky to have this opportunity to take a class that I love and share my creativity in a different way.  

reyna islam williams

Hayden Perry ’26

My Art Journal expresses so much about me, and this class allows you so much creativity. In my journal I try to make bold and colorful pieces that can speak a message.

My colorful rain page also shows the rain fading into different colors. I feel that color shows so many emotions on its own. My Ravenscroft page is another one of my favorites. Since I am a new student this year, this page expressed so many of my feelings about starting school. This page is  important to me and I believe speaks of the positivity of Ravenscroft. The background of this page is meant to feature how the future gets lighter as you go on.

I love Art Journaling and I am so thankful to be able to take this class as it has given me the opportunity to express art in my own way, and most importantly, to be creative.