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Spring 2018

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Innovation and Technology

Tech Trailblazers

As strange as it is to say, we’re living in an age of technology that was once science fiction. The agile and innovative thinkers leading that charge into the future pull from educational experiences that encourage creative problem solving, perseverance and intellectual discipline. Here, we profile three Ravenscroft alumni who are making waves in the ever-evolving field of technology ... (read story)

Shaping Tomorrow’s Technology Innovators

Ravenscroft has invested in technology instruction across across all three divisions, giving our budding engineers, programmers, designers and researchers access to the tools and information they need to become the next generation of tech trailblazers. Enjoy these videos of students engaged in tech exploration.

Pinball Wizards: STEM+ Buddies in kindergarten and fifth grade work together to design a paper-loop maze inspired by pinball games.
Bees Buzz to Buds: Fifth-graders design computer codes using basic maze navigation (moving forward, turning left or right, and looping) to help virtual bees find their way to the flowers.
Hexbug Mazes: Lower School teachers learn how to program micro robots to navigate mazes with predetermined constraints such as a 90-degree turn and tunnel.
Middle School computer science students practice writing code by providing teacher Emily Roach with step-by-step instructions on making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
LEGO Rescue Bots: Middle School Engineering students build and program robots to enter a simulated building and execute the right tasks in each room, which are randomized for each run so the bot must make its own decisions. In this run, the bot must rescue a person and put out a fire before exiting.
KidWind Challenge: Middle School Engineering students design, build, test and refine wind turbines to meet certain performance thresholds.

High-Tech Challenge: Ravenscroft’s Upper School Robotics Club (on left side of screen) competes against other teams at the regional First Tech Challenge Robotics Tournament in January 2018, using their robot to manipulate the location of foam blocks within a certain time limit.

Global Citizenship

“We go, we listen, we learn”: Ravenscroft’s global programs prime students for meaningful engagement across borders

Lead From Here, Ravenscroft’s signature framework, challenges us to commit to a bold notion: that through the cultivation and practice of personal and interpersonal leadership competencies, our students can change their world. It helps, of course, for them to see and understand more of what that world holds … (read story)

Ravens Go, Listen and Learn

Enjoy additional photos from alumni, students, faculty and staff whose global service trips are featured in this story, plus photos of the third and fourth grade Artisan market, in which students make and sell wares to raise money for the Middle School service trip to Costa Rica.
Alumni in Service Around the World
Zambia Service trip, 2016
Third and Fourth Grade Artisan Market, 2018

"If I Ruled the World" by Delaney Washington '22

Middle School Speech and Debate II student Delaney Washington ’22 gave this speech in the fall of 2017. The assigned topic was “If I Ruled The World.” Teacher Karen Westbrook asked students to complete this statement by suggesting one change that was needed for our world and how they might go about making that change.

Ravens Rewind

When Sports Traditions Got Their Start

Varsity soccer players have been returning to Ravenscroft for their annual reunion game since 2012, but the sport’s history on campus goes all the way back to the 1972-3 school year, when soccer was new enough to North Carolina that the team traveled far and wide for regular season games. They have since won five state championships and, more recently, been TISAC conference champs in 2011, 2012 and 2015 and won the Ravenscroft Invitational in 2013 and 2015. No wonder former players look forward to coming back to campus for a day of soccer every summer!

“The alumni game has sibling rivalries, former teammates and friends catching up, all while allowing the current varsity team to get in a competitive scrimmage before the season starts,” said soccer alumnus Will Byrd ’10. “All the guys in the game have spent countless hours out on that field with one another, so it’s a great thing to be able to come back and get a chance to play on it again.”

While the lacrosse team didn’t form until 1984, alumni and players are every bit as passionate about their sport, which has grown into a conference powerhouse. Since their 2012 breakout season, Ravenscroft Lacrosse has won six consecutive TISAC conference titles and competed in seven consecutive state tournaments, going to the finals in 2012 and 2015 and bringing home the trophy in 2016.

“I’m so proud of all of the boys who have been a part of the success of our lacrosse program,” Coach Sandy Kapatos said. “The program is also a source of great pride for our alumni.”

The first Thanksgiving-break lacrosse alumni game took place in 2016. “It’s fun to be a part of,” said Jeremy Bull ’00. “You’ve got guys spanning 25 years out there competing, becoming friends, catching up with old friends. It brings us back to the place that connects us all and gives us a chance to dust off our cleats and remember how fun playing lacrosse with your friends is."

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