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Alumni Revisit the Campus of Their Ravenscroft Years

We asked our Ravenscroft Alumni Facebook friends: What spot on campus was your favorite when you were a student here and why?

Ravens Reply Facebook Thread

— from the Ravenscroft Alumni Facebook page, Sept. 9-16, 2019

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York House

The York House was home to PHIL YORK ’74, PHYLLIS YORK BROOKSHIRE ’82 and WILL YORK ’85 before it was given to the school by their father, J. Willie York, in 1979, serving as the president’s residence and administrative offices until the current Head of School house was built in 2003.


Here, Lib York and Rosemary York (wife of SMEDES YORK ’59) attend the dedication ceremony on Dec. 12, 1979.

lower school
Lower School Dunkball

In this 1982 Corvus photo, Lower Schoolers play on the jungle gym, with the dunkball courts behind them.

Todd Harris Class Picture

TODD HARRIS ’86, at front right in his fifth-grade class photo from the 1979 Corvus, has fond memories of the dunkball courts.

middle school
Pugh Pond

Pugh Pond, located on Tara Farm adjacent to campus, has hosted many school events, including this Middle School science class pictured in the 1983 Corvus.

upper school courtyard
The Upper School (now Middle School) Courtyard holds a special place in many alumni’s hearts — and in many yearbook spreads as well:
Upper School Courtyard
Freshmen relaxing in 1985
Coutryard Blinds
Upper School students as seen through window blinds in 1980
Roger Beale
Students enjoying music and fun in 1982
Class of 87
The Class of 1987’s traditional class photo at the gazebo.

upper school front hill
Upper School Front Hill
WILLIAM GAITHER ’82 shared this 1981 Corvus photo with his comment about the front hill of the Upper School (now Middle School), identifying “MICHAEL BRADSHAW ’82, ADAM JONES ’82, me, DAVID IERARDI ’82 and MIKE MITCHELL ’82.
upper school ramp to parking lot
Upper School Ramp to Parking Lot

In this 1979 Corvus photo, seniors pose on the ramp between the Upper School (now Middle School) and the parking lot, which was removed when the new Upper School, Murphy Hall, was built in 2001.

upper school senior hall
Senior Hall Decorated
Car in Senior Hall

A favorite indoor spot for then-Upper Schoolers was the Senior Hall, with comfy couches, posters and the occasional decoration, including streamers, as captured in this 1981 Corvus photo; it was also briefly home to a parked car — a classic senior prank memorialized in the 1984 Corvus.

Baseball Team

GERRY JACOBS ’87, second from left in this team photo from the 1987 Corvus, identified the baseball field as a favorite spot on campus.