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Alumni Reflect on Leadership and Service as 2018-19 Trustees 

By Shannon T. ZarbBack to Table of Contents

The 2018-19 Board of Trustees included eight Ravenscroft alumni spanning 37 class years, plus one dedicated parent and grandparent whose decades of service to the school earned her a place in the honorary Class of 1862. We asked them to reflect on their experiences in leadership and service to their alma mater.

Kevin T. Anderson ’82, Board Chair

Years on board: 2014-present
Committees: Executive
Occupation: Executive Director in financial services industry
Notable Quotable: “Ravenscroft nurtured a curiosity that has endured a lifetime. I fell in love with reading in Lower School and was probably never more than arm’s length from extracurricular books throughout my time at Ravenscroft.”

Kelly Powell Gould ’90

Years on board: 2014-present
Occupation: Proud parent of Andrew ’21 and Garland ’24
Committees: Committee on Trustees, Educational Stewardship, Buildings & Grounds 
Notable Quotable: “Ravenscroft taught me the importance of leadership and service. I learned a strong work ethic, a drive to achieve goals and the need to give back — and, most importantly, the value of being kind to others, offering a helping hand where it is needed and achieving my highest potential in every task.”

Laura Helton Kalorin ’92

Years on board: 2016-present
Committees: Educational Stewardship Chair, Advancement, Executive
Occupation: Assistant Director of Student Health, NCSU
Notable Quotable: “I recognize that I left Ravenscroft with a strong sense of stewardship. This is especially true at the trustees meetings, as we are committing resources and making decisions that may affect our grandchildren. Being a good steward is about accountability and giving of yourself, not out of obligation but out of a true sense of service.”

Easter A. Maynard ’89

Years on board: 2012-19
Committees: Education Stewardship, Executive, Advancement
Occupation: Executive Director of the ChildTrust Foundation and Director of Charitable Giving for IMC
Notable Quotable: “The deeply ingrained focus on excellence at Ravenscroft has encouraged me to work hard and grow. Lead From Here continues that legacy and is sure to help students develop their potential and learn how their lives can be of service to the world.”

John Parham ’84

Years on board: 2013-present
Committees: Investment Chair, Executive, Finance
Occupation: Senior Vice President/Regional Manager-Financial Consultant with South State Investment Services 
Notable Quotable:
“The values I received from Ravenscroft include: trust and empower the people you work with, open your mind to new ideas, share the credit and own the problem, sell hot dogs and pizza at the concession stand for football games, and invest in your passions in the nonprofit world.”

Joyce L. Pope ’04

Years on board: 2015-present Committees: Finance, Educational Stewardship 
Occupation: Vice President, John William Pope Foundation
Notable Quotable: “When I think of my time at Ravenscroft, I remember the feeling of being able to walk down the hall or into a study room and knowing everyone. There were no strangers at Ravenscroft.”

Penny Abrahams Rogers ’93

Years on board: 2018-present
Committees: Audit, Institutional Advancement 
Independent School Management Consultant
Notable Quotable: “Ravenscroft’s faculty and staff encouraged me to take risks in a safe environment and not be afraid to make mistakes. I’ve often thought about what my life might have been like if I hadn’t attended Ravenscroft, and it’s hard to imagine.”

Nelle Moseley Schantz ’83

Years on board: 2017-present
Committees: Institutional Advancement, Educational Stewardship
Occupation: Vice President of Marketing, Fidelity Charitable
Notable Quotable: “Collaboration and community are two values I learned at Ravenscroft that have served me well. You’re better when you’re part of something. You shine more when you help others shine. And the journey’s a lot more fun along the way.”

Fifty Years of Steady Leadership: Frances P. Pugh, Class of 1862

In her 50 years on the Ravenscroft Board of Trustees, 1969-2019, Frances Pugh has served as vice chair and on the Finance, Executive, Buildings & Grounds and Institutional Advancement committees. Her husband, V. Watson Pugh, is a Tucker Street alumnus, and their four children and six of their grandchildren attended Ravenscroft as well. 
When asked which of Ravenscroft’s accomplishments makes her most proud, she said, “I have always pushed for keeping a vision alive. What we do today is the result of the past and reflects on our future. Lead From Here and having such a dedicated Head of School and staff has been such a blessing.”
Mrs. Pugh’s guidance and generosity have been instrumental in shaping Ravenscroft’s campus over the years. Read about the four major phases of campus development — and the visionary leadership that made them possible — in Ethos.

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