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Fine Arts Association

Recognizing that Fine Arts are an essential element in the development of a well-rounded Ravenscroft student, the purpose of the Fine Arts Association is to support the entire Fine Arts program at Ravenscroft School and to help create a liaison between the Ravenscroft family and the Triangle arts community. 

Volunteer Voices

Attending Fine Arts events always makes me proud of the efforts of the participating students, faculty and parent volunteers.

As a parent, one of the best ways to show your child that you believe something is important is to be personally involved. There is a myriad of ways to get involved in the arts at Ravenscroft, and we encourage you to share your time and energy.

-Angie Crookendale, 2018-2019 FAA President

FAA Meetings

Aug. 28
Sept. 18
Oct. 16
Jan. 15
Feb. 26
March 25
April 21- Photo Selection party, Winston Library
May 21- FAA Appreciation Luncheon, young peoples' theatre

Volunteer Opportunities

FAA Minutes

For meeting minutes, log into your Veracross account and look under Parent Resources.