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Festivities, Ceremonies Honor the Graduating Class of 2021

The senior class joined the ranks of Ravenscroft alumni at their commencement ceremony on Friday, May 28, but this special group of students celebrated their time together with a number of special activities over the last month.

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We’d like to congratulate and share our best wishes for the future to these faculty and staff members who are retiring this year.

Mary Beth Immediata, 30 years
Tammy Haywood, 10 years
Janet Vande Berg, 21 years
Melony Lightfoot, 40 years
Tinnie Salzano, 7 years
Suzanne Carothers, 30 years
(photographed at right, clockwise from top left)

In addition, we’d like to recognize these faculty and staff members who have reached milestones in their years of service to Ravenscroft. 

30 Years
Suzanne Carothers
Mary Beth Immediata
Bill Pruden

25 Years
Orlando Fenner
James Mann

20 Years
Cynthia Lane
Cy League
Margaret Mills


15 Years
Susann Heckman
Kerry Norman
Jason Ramsden
Jason Sharp
Zoe Welsh

10 Years
Cameron Bolin
S.K. Chipley
Tammy Haywood
Pamela Kelly
Jessalyn Michael
Timothy Savage
Shelley Brown