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Winter-Season Athletes Recognized
Winter-Season Athletes Recognized

Student-athletes from the varsity, junior varsity and Middle School winter sports teams were recognized recently, with outstanding contributors receiving awards and accolades.

The 2018-19 Winter Varsity Awards were given on Sunday, March 3. Coaching staff announced their Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and Coaches awards for each team and recognized those student-athletes who achieved all-conference and all-state honors.

Earlier, on Feb. 12, non-varsity winter athletes celebrated their season. The event included the conferring of Sportsmanship Awards, voted on by each team and its coaches to recognize the student-athlete who exemplifies all the qualities of a true Ravenscroft athlete: being a pleasure to coach, striving for improvement, and contributing to the best of their ability as well as providing team leadership, instilling school spirit and pride, showing confidence in their teammates, and reflecting the truest definition of sportsmanship—fair play and character.

Congratulations to the following varsity, junior varsity and Middle School student-athletes for their accomplishments in the winter season:


Boys Basketball (pictured top left)

  • Most Valuable: Jake van der Heijden '19
  • Most Improved: Zion Evans '20
  • Coaches: Nick Zullo '19
  • All-Conference: Jake van der Heijden '19, LucRichard Rameau '20, Brady O'Connell '20
  • All-State: Jake van der Heijden '19, LucRichard Rameau '20

Girls Basketball (pictured top right)

  • Most Valuable: Aliya Richmond '21
  • Most Improved: Kelly Baker '20
  • Coaches: Emily Hayman '20
  • All-Conference: Aliya Richmond '21, Macy Frederiksen '20
  • All-State: Aliya Richmond '21

Swimming (pictured center)


  • Most Valuable: Bode Ringenbach '21
  • Most Improved: Ted Bossong '20
  • Coaches: Jacob Crater '20
  • All-Conference: Bode Ringenbach '21, Ben Russell '21, Ryan Hardy '22
  • All-Conference Male Swimmer of the Year: Bode Ringenbach '21
  • All-State: Bode Ringenbach '21


  • Most Valuable: Sara Grimes '19
  • Most Improved: Emily Bannerman '21
  • Coaches: Sarah Vorhees '19

Cheerleading (pictured bottom left)

  • Most Outstanding Cheerleader: Sarah Wood '19
  • Most Improved: Brooke Mikles '22
  • Coaches: Isabella Fordin '21

Wrestling (pictured bottom right)

  • Most Valuable: Joel Brown '23
  • Most Improved: Jackson Davis '19
  • Coaches: Davis Macnabb '19
  • All-Conference: Joel Brown '23, Connor Phillips '21, Sam Tabet '19, Ryan Pretzer '22, Eric Belcea '22, Cole Phillips '21, Christian Lee '19, Jackson Davis '19, David Macnabb '19, Jack Alspaugh '20, Fabrizzio Jimenez '21, Dominic Young-Smith '20
  • All-State: Joel Brown '23, Davis Macnabb '19


  • Junior Varsity Boys Basketball: Brandon Alridge '21
  • Junior Varsity Girls Basketball: Rachel Mason '22
  • Middle School Green Girls Basketball: Autumn Campbell '24
  • Middle School Green Boys Basketball: Luke Yoon '22
  • Middle School Gold Girls Basketball: Jasmine Tran '23
  • Middle School Gold Boys Basketball: Jackson Gring '23
  • Middle School Boys Swimming: James Milburn-Pyle '23
  • Middle School Girls Swimming: Mia Kaplan '24
  • Middle School Cheerleading: Alex Richmond '23
  • Middle School Wrestling: Caden Storch '23