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Winter 2019-2020 Varsity Sports Awards Announced
Winter 2019-2020 Varsity Sports Awards Announced

The 2019-20 Winter Varsity Awards took place on Sunday, March 1. Coaching staff also announced their Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and Coaches awards for each team and recognized those student-athletes who achieved all-conference and all-state honors.

Recognition went to the following students:


Most Outstanding: Bailey Foster '21

Most Improved: Alex Richmond '23

Coaches: Alexa Tascher '21

Boys Basketball

Most Valuable: Brady O'Connell '20

Most Improved: McCallum Wright '23

Coaches: Steven Riley '20

All Conference: Josh Hall '20, Brady O'Connell '20, McCallum Wright '23

All State: Brady O'Connell '20

Girls Basketball

Most Valuable: Kelly Baker '20

Most Improved: Danielle Williams '22

Coaches: Emily Hayman '20

All Conference: Macy Frederiksen '20, Lauren Harrison '20, Aliya Richmond '21

All Conference Honorable Mention: Kelly Baker '20

All State: Aliya Richmond '21

In addition, Macy Frederiksen '20 was recognized as Ravenscroft's all-time leader in blocks.

Boys Swimming

Most Valuable: Bode Ringenbach '21

Most Improved: Michael Zucker '21

Coaches: Ted Bossong '20

All Conference: Ryan Hardy '22, Ben Russell '21, Bode Ringenbach '21, Ted Bossong '20

All State: Bode Ringenbach '21

Girls Swimming

Most Valuable: Lauren Shaffer '20

Most Improved: Sophia Toback '21

Coaches: Emily Bannerman '21


Most Valuable: Jack Alspaugh '20

Most Improved: Donovan Dozier '23

Coaches: David Gring '21

All Conference: Donovan Dozier '23, David Gring '21, Connor Phillips '21, Fabrizzio Jimenez '21, Trey Wicker '22

All State: Fabrizzio Jimenez '21

Congratulations to our winter varsity athletes!

At top, clockwise from top left: Alex Richmond '23, Bailey Foster '21 and Alexa Tascher '21; Steven Riley '20, Brady O'Connell '20 and McCallum Wright '23; Danielle Williams '22, Emily Hayman '20 and Kelly Baker '20; Macy Frederiksen '20

At bottom, clockwise from top left: Bode Ringenbach '21, Michael Zucker '21 and Ted Bossong' '20; Lauren Shaffer '20 and Emily Bannerman '21; David Gring '21 and Jack Alspaugh '20