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Upper School Students Earn Recognition for Performance on Classical Etymology and Mythology Exams
Upper School Students Earn Recognition for Performance on Classical Etymology and Mythology Exams

Upper School students with a passion for ancient Greece and Rome performed very well on two exams designed to measure their knowledge.

In November, Upper School students enrolled in Latin courses ranging from Level II to APⓇ — plus one student who does not take Latin or Greek! — took the 2017 National Classical Etymology Exam, which contains multiple-choice questions about the origins of English words derived from Greek and Latin. Students who earned recognition on the NCEE are:

Non Latin/Greek Students
Advanced Level
Silver Medal: Matthew Youngbar '18

Latin Students
Intermediate Level
Gold Medal: Eleanor Campbell '20, Savannah Capell '21, Shaurik Deshpande '20
Silver Medal: Josh Youngbar '21

Advanced Level
Gold Medal: Vivian Avery '19
Silver Medal: Erin Pugh '19
Bronze Medal: Clay Baker '18

In December, the 2017 Medusa Mythology Exam was administered to Upper School students with an interest in Greek and Roman Mythology. The theme of this year's exam was "Mythological Women: Magnificent and Maleficent." Nine Ravenscroft students earned recognition for their performance. They are:

Silver Medal: Josh Youngbar '21

Bronze Medal: Erin Pugh '19

Corona Laurea: Vivian Avery '19, Eleanor Campbell '20, Grace Vande Berg '20

Corona Olivae: Alexis Avery '21, Ally Tannenbaum 18, Caroline Vande Berg '18, Matthew Youngbar '18

"The material covered on these multiple-choice exams is not targeted in any class; therefore, success requires the students to review on their own time," said Jonathan Avery, who teaches Latin and Greek in the Upper School. "Many attended Classics Club for practice and helped to maintain a robust Google Doc containing information about the Medusa exam's syllabus. Their participation in and success on these exams are indicators of their enthusiasm for the Classical world and the study of its influence on our own.

"Gratulor vobis, discipuli!" (that's Latin for "Congratulations, students!")

Below left, Eleanor Campbell, Matthew Youngbar, Savannah Capell; below right, Erin Pugh, Shaurik Deshpande, Vivian Avery, Caroline Vande Berg, Grace Vande Berg, Josh Youngbar, Alexis Avery. Not pictured: Clay Baker, Ally Tannenbaum.