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Upper School Honors Convocation Celebrates Students' Accomplishments
Upper School Honors Convocation Celebrates Students' Accomplishments

Ravenscroft Upper School celebrated student accomplishments during the annual Honors Convocation held on Thursday, May 24. School leadership, faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and friends all gathered to recognize students for their distinguished academic, character, service, athletic, arts and spirit-related achievements.

A replay of the 2018 Honors Convocation is available on Livestream and photos are available on Ravenscroft's Flickr page.

The award was presented by Caroline's advisor, Upper School English teacher Kevin Flinn, who shared the following remarks about her:The Clarke Worthington Award, one of our most distinguished awards given to students, was presented to Caroline Ann Vande Berg '18 (pictured at right with her family). The Clarke Worthington Award honors the senior whose character, integrity and treatment of other people exemplifies leadership by example.

She's been an integral part of the Ravenscroft band since middle school, part of the engine that makes the whole thing go. But like even the most powerful and dependable engines, she's hidden most of the time, in the back behind the percussion instruments, making sure everyone else sounds good. Making sure everyone else is in rhythm. Depending on your seat in the theater, you may not even see her, but when the band's firing on all cylinders and everyone's in time, playing together, it's thanks to her efforts.

She's organized and filed all the music the band has purchased over the years — over 1000 titles — and maintained a database of that music for digital access. She knows where every single sheet is, and her peers go to her for their music. Nobody asked her to do any of this — she just does it because it needs to get done.

She gives everyone around her opportunities to shine, and she's unequivocally made Ravenscroft a better place.

She's also been a driving force behind Ravenscroft's St. Baldrick's teams, shaving her head each year and helping our team raise over $53,000 during her junior year.

This year? She led the team as it raised over $80,000 for childhood cancer research. Let that number sink in: Eighty. Thousand. Dollars.

Best of all? This is work done by a second-semester senior, who's already been admitted to college. This isn't to pad a resume or an application. It's not for recognition or glory. It's not for the likes, or the retweets. It's for a cause bigger than her, bigger than the school. It's helping save the lives of children that she'll never meet. But she'll know. We'll know.

Those kids? She's giving them opportunities to shine. Opportunities to breathe, to walk, to be kids. At 18, she's changing her world. I can't wait to see what she's accomplished at 22. At 30.

The irony of all of it is that because of her desire to help — to give so willingly of herself — she's unwittingly thrust herself into the spotlight. Up on stage at morning meeting making announcements, being one of only two high school girls willing to shave her head in solidarity with childhood cancer patients...

That's leadership.

Below is a partial list of 2018 award winners. Please view the Honors Convocation program for the entire list of scholarship announcements, honors and award winners.

SCHOLAR AWARDS honor one student at each grade level who is considered by the faculty to be the most scholarly student. In addition to grade-point average, the awards recognize creativity, love of learning and ability to reason and be analytical and objective. The Scholar Award takes precedence over all other awards. Scholar Award recipients are:

  • Grade 9: James Thomas Barker '21
  • Grade 10: Eleanor Anne Campbell '20
  • Grade 11: Holly Marie McCann '19
  • Grade 12: Martha Elizabeth Zaytoun '18

HONOR AWARDS recognize outstanding students across a variety of disciplines and requirements. They include:

  • Valedictorian, Class of 2018, is the senior with the highest cumulative GPA calculated after exams in May and based on at least four full semesters at Ravenscroft. This year's Valedictorian is Bryson Robert Wicker '18.
  • Class Speaker, Class of 2018, is a senior who combines the qualities of high scholarship, character and extracurricular involvement and is elected by the members of the class of 2018. This year's class speaker is Akshay Anand Lulla '18.
  • Robert P. Holding Memorial Scholarships honor two sophomores who have demonstrated the qualities of academic excellence, outstanding character and leadership. Recipients must have a cumulative GPA over a 3.9, participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities, and demonstrate outstanding character. This year's recipients are Elise Playe '20 and Ethan Kim Severson '20.
  • Rensselaer Medal, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Excellence in Math and Science is awarded to a junior who is a promising student and has distinguished themselves in mathematics and science. The recipient of this award is guaranteed a scholarship worth a minimum $25,000 per year for four years if they are accepted to and enroll in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This year's recipient is Varun Susheel Atree '19.
  • Johns Hopkins Book Award is presented to the junior who best exhibits the qualities and characteristics that form the core of the Johns Hopkins ethic, including a demonstrated desire for intellectual and moral growth; an uncommon interest in, and capacity for, independent and original scholarship; and the strength of character necessary to employ the results of their scholarship for the betterment of society. The recipient this year is Mia Girone Russo '19.
  • Wellesley College Book Award honors a young woman in the junior class whose academic record and character are exceptional and who has made significant personal contributions to her school and/or community. This year's recipient is Erin Quinn Pugh '19.
  • Randolph College Classics Book Award is presented an outstanding junior for their achievements in Classics. The book is Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar, a reference book used by Classicists since 1895. The recipient of this award will receive a renewable merit scholarship of up to $80,000 if they are accepted to and enroll at Randolph College. This year's recipient is Vivian Reid Avery '19.
  • Cliosophic Society Book Award is given by the members of the Ravenscroft Upper School History Department to the exceptional senior or junior who displays singular excellence in the pursuit of historical understanding through scholarship and independent inquiry. The award winner is also recognized by the National History Club as the school's History Student of the Year. This year's winner is Allison Hutton Tannenbaum '18.

OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARDS honor students at each grade level who have maintained a high scholastic average and have been actively involved in school activities. These students will not receive an academic achievement award or a service award because the Outstanding Student Award encompasses superior achievement in every discipline. Outstanding Student Award recipients are:

  • Grade 9: Jane Elizabeth Atkeson '21 and Caitlyn O'Keefe Hankins '21
  • Grade 10: Nelle Barrett Schantz '20 and Skylar Logan Wiseman '20
  • Grade 11: Erin Quinn Pugh '19 and Mia Girone Russo '19
  • Grade 12: Bella Girone Church '18, Matthew James Sheaffer '18 and Jialuo Yu '18

Please join us in congratulating these remarkable students for their accomplishments.