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Super Bowl LII Commercials Can't Compare to the Transportin' Bottle or Mom Finder!
Super Bowl LII Commercials Can't Compare to the Transportin' Bottle or Mom Finder!

The Super Bowl isn't just about football. It's also about the commercials — as we all had a chance to enjoy during Super Bowl LII. In Emily Roach's Digital Communications class, where the philosophy is "don't just consume media, create it," Middle School students are developing real-world skills that could one day thrust them into the Super Bowl limelight.

In a recent study on the art and science of advertising, Roach's students were asked to create their own commercials for a product or service (real or imagined) of their choice.

"Students are learning to harness their creativity toward a given purpose rather than just creating something based on what they want to do. In this case, their purpose and goal was to persuade a specific audience to be interested in their product, and then for the audience to take an action," Roach explained.

Once students identified their product or service and established the purpose of their commercial, they used market research (Google Forms and surveys) to decide which messages would resonate best with their audience. They then created storyboards to show the outline and flow of their commercial, scripted narration, filmed, edited and produced their commercial with their own unique logo.

Sebastian Clement Gallegos '23, Marlee Lambert '22, George Edmond '24 and Sophia Yeo '22 launched the exciting Transportin' Bottle, while Hamilton Arraou '24, Jeremy McGinnis '24, Josh Shepherd '24 and Matthew Price '24 created the ever-important Mom Finder.

In this class, students see themselves as marketers, creative directors, documentarians, and film and video production leads, developing skills that can be used in any profession. "This project is one of many that combines the technical skills we learned throughout the semester (storyboarding, camera angles, Photoshop) while also furthering the students' understanding of communicating effectively over digital media and teaching students how to put themselves in their audience's shoes," Roach said.

We hope you'll take a moment to enjoy these Ravens' commercials!