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Spring Athletes Honored at Varsity Sports Awards May 19
Spring Athletes Honored at Varsity Sports Awards May 19

The Spring 2019 Varsity Sports Awards were held Sunday, May 19, in Jones Theatre. Congratulations to all of our student-athletes on their hard work and achievements this season.

Athletic Director Ned Gonet said, "We wrapped up our spring athletic season with our awards ceremony by recognizing and celebrating the success of all our teams and honoring many of our individual athletes for their accomplishments. Overall we had an outstanding year in athletics, capturing many team championships, and we applaud the student-athletes who were honored throughout the year."

These players were recognized with the following awards and honors:


Most Valuable: Will Tierney '19

Most Improved: Christian Lee '19

Coaches: Charlie Everhard '20

All-Conference: Jackson Corigliano '19, Will Tierney '19, Justin Zachery '19, Jacob Zucker '21

Boys Golf

Most Valuable: Kenan Poole '19

Most Improved: Payne Gridley '20

Coaches: Kyle Kushnir '21

All-Conference: Kyle Kushnir '21, Kenan Poole '19

All-State: Kenan Poole '19

Boys Lacrosse

Most Valuable: Jake Schneider '19

Most Improved: Matt Hunter '20

Coaches: Charlie Winston '19

All-Conference: Val Edwards '19, Jake Schneider '19, Charlie Winston '19, Riley Pretter '20, Jack Barnes '19

All-State: Val Edwards '19

Girls Lacrosse

Most Valuable: Brooke Baker '20

Most Improved: Marlee Lambert '22

Coaches: Makayla Crawford '19

All-Conference: Brooke Baker '20, Caitlyn Hankins '21, Makayla Crawford '19, Emerson Replogle '21

All-Conference Player of the Year: Brooke Baker '20

All-State: Brooke Baker '20, Caitlyn Hankins '21, Makayla Crawford '19, Emerson Replogle '21

Girls Soccer

Most Valuable: Emily Hitt '21

Most Improved: Ellie Roberts '22

Coaches: Amy McGugan '19

All-Conference: Emily Hitt '21, Alexandra Darcy '22, Amy McGugan '19

All-Conference Honorable Mention: Sarah Hitt '19

All-State: Emily Hitt '21, Alexandra Darcy '22


Most Valuable: Nicole Keim '22

Most Improved: Skyler Riley '23

Coaches: Maddy Mehr '19

All-Conference: Nicole Keim '22

All-Conference Honorable Mention: Jessica Keim '22

Boys Tennis

Most Valuable: Alex Boggis '19

Most Improved: Rhett Parham '20

Coaches: Naven McDonald '22

All-Conference: Rhett Parham '20, Andrew Bardini '21

All-Conference Honorable Mention: Alex Boggis '19

Track and Field


Most Valuable: Alex Marchi '20

Most Improved: Davis Lambert '19

Coaches: Nate Margraf '20

All-Conference: Alex Marchi '20


Most Valuable: Kirsten Debrah '20

Most Improved: Zoe King '22

Coaches: MaLea Spooner '21

All-Conference: Talia Granick '21, Kirsten Debrah '20

Top row, left to right: baseball honorees Charlie Everhard, Will Tierney, Christian Lee; boys golf honoree Payne Gridley; boys lacrosse honorees Jake Schneider, Matt Hunter, Charlie Winston. Middle row: girls lacrosse honorees Brooke Baker, Makayla Crawford, Marlee Lambert; girls soccer honorees Amy McGugan, Emily Hitt, Ellie Roberts; softball honorees Nicole Keim, Skyler Riley, Maddy Mehr. Bottom row: boys tennis honorees Naven McDonald, Alex Boggis, Rhett Parham; boys track and field honorees Nate Margraf, Davis Lambert, Alex Marchi; girls track and field honorees MaLea Spooner, Zoe King, Kirsten Debrah.