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Reading Ravens Raise Over $1,400
Reading Ravens Raise Over $1,400

On Friday, March 2, 25 Ravenscroft students participated in the annual Read-A-Thon, where students read for almost seven hours to raise money for charity. The event was organized through the Upper School's Reading Ravens Club and raised $1,481.65.

The club organizers were Fionna Provencher '18 and Hannah Ramusevic '18. This year, the Reading Ravens decided to raise money for Heifer International in support of eradicating poverty and hunger. Twenty-one Upper Schoolers and eight Middle Schoolers from the Battle of the Books team found a comfy place in the library and read a book for seven hours, with a quick break for dinner.

See more photos of the Read-A-Thon here.

Here is a list of students who participated in the Read-A-Thon:

Alexis Avery '21
Julia Avery '21
Vivian Avery '19
Olivia Barefoot '22
Savannah Capell '21
Jackson Fox '23
Alexa Gillon '24
Claire Goodson '19
Michael Griffin '23
Lily Hauck '22
Amelia Holdstock '20
Bryn Macnabb
Davis Macnabb '22
Brianna McGarry '20
Zoe Nagel '19
Mark Naslund '21
Elise Playe '20
Fionna Provencher '18
Mary Pruden '18
Hannah Ramusevic '18
Maxine Rosenfeld '22
Aydin Sabu '23
Nabeel Sabu '21
Deb Spair '20
Landon Sugar '19
Grisha Teyf '18
Caroline Vande Berg '18
Grace Vande Berg '20
Mason Zervos '21

Some of the students that participated in the Read-A-Thon