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Ravenscroft Upper and Middle School Teams Win 21 Medals at Science Olympiad
Ravenscroft Upper and Middle School Teams Win 21 Medals at Science Olympiad

Three Ravenscroft teams participated in the regional North Carolina Science Olympiad on Saturday, Feb. 3, and earned a total of 21 medals.

The Upper School (pictured above) was represented for the first time by both a varsity and a junior varsity team, with a total of 27 students competing. The varsity team placed 6th among the 21 area high schools competing, earning what advisor Nelson Nunalee called "a snazzy trophy."

"High schools from all over the Triangle competed in science, technology and engineering events," he added. "Our team, guided by student leaders Lauren Barber, Simran Sidhu and Matthew Youngbar, medaled in 15 events."

The Middle School team was made up of 15 students who participated in class and preparation. Due to illness, 14 of those students attended and received medals in six events.

"We placed 13th out of 28 middle school teams in the Raleigh region," said Middle School advisor Janet Vande Berg. "I am so proud of all of the students and can't thank the parents enough for all of the support and help as we prepared and competed."

Middle School team member Nathan Emonson '24 demonstrates his hovercraft, which took 4th.

Science Olympiad is a nationwide STEM-focused competition in which students compete against each other in 24 different hands-on, interactive, inquiry-based events in biology, earth science, environmental science, chemistry, physics, engineering and technology. Students begin preparing in September and compete at regional tournaments throughout the winter and early spring. Students who take first place in their event or whose team is in the top tier of competitors move on to a state level competition held in late April. Students who perform in the top of the state tournaments move on to the national competition in May.

Join us in congratulating these teams and students:

Upper School Varsity team (medals are given to the top seven places)

  • 3rd place in Chem Lab: Mary Pruden '18 and Isabella Bredwell '19
  • 3rd place in Herpetology: Caroline Vande Berg '18 and Grace Vande Berg '20
  • 3rd place in Hovercraft: Lauren Barber '18 and Matthew Youngbar '18
  • 3rd place in Materials Science: Xena Gray '19 and Lucy Hao '20
  • 3rd place in Microbe Mission: Vivian Avery '19 and Lucy Hao '20
  • 4th place in Amazing Mechatronics: Chris Xiao '20 and Mark Li '20
  • 5th place in Remote Sensing: Matthew Youngbar '18 and Caroline Vande Berg '18
  • 7th place in Codebusters: Simran Sidhu '18 and Grace Vande Berg '20 (pictured at right)
  • 7th place in Dynamic Planet: Mary Pruden '18 and Vivian Avery '19
  • 7th place in Ecology: Vivian Avery '19 and Lucy Hao '20
  • 7th place in Write It, Do It: Sammie Kim '18 and Mary Pruden '18
  • 7th place in Duct Tape Challenge: Amanda Lee '18 and Mary Pruden '18

Upper School Junior Varsity (medals are given to the top three places)

  • 2nd place in Mission Possible: Nick Fay '21
  • 2nd place in Ping Pong Parachute: Claire Ziperski '20 and Lauren Shaffer '20
  • 3rd place in Ecology: Erin Pugh '19 and Lauren Shaffer '20

Middle School (medals are given to the top nine places)

  • 2nd place in Duct Tape Challenge: Nicole Keim '22 and Sarah Kim '22
  • 4th place in Hovercraft: Nathan Emonson '24 and Ben Pataki '24
  • 5th place in Road Scholar: Oscar Schacht '22 and Nathan Emonson '24
  • 6th place in Thermodynamics: Tariq Firozvi '22, Ben Pataki '24 and Max Idler '22 (filling in for Ben)
  • 6th place in Battery Buggy: Nate Ogan '24 and Nathan Emonson '24 (pictured at right)
  • 8th place in Ping Pong Parachute: Oscar Schacht '22 and Victor Kalorin '24