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Ravenscroft Hosts Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Leadership Development Group
Ravenscroft Hosts Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Leadership Development Group

Ravenscroft recently hosted a group of approximately 60 local professionals from Leadership Raleigh, an intensive leadership development program of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

Participants in Leadership Raleigh study the qualities that make an effective leader, analyze individual leadership roles, meet and discuss issues with key community leaders, and develop their personal leadership styles and skills. They are then encouraged to use those skills in the community by joining professional associations, boards and civic organizations.

Upper School teachers Nicole Moore and Shelley Torres joined Colleen Ramsden, assistant head of school for academic affairs, and Susan Perry, assistant head of school for student affairs, to present the research and educational foundations of Ravenscroft's signature program Lead From Here, our citizen leadership framework developed in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership, and answer questions from attendees about how the school supports students in developing the framework's core competencies, including motivation, growth-mindedness and resilience.

Attendees were first asked to consider, from a stack of illustrated cards on their tables, what kind of leadership environment they thrive in. They then viewed a video about Lead From Here — which Perry called "a launchpad for possibility" — and discussed the urgency and importance of cultivating citizen leadership competencies in the next generation of leaders.

Attendees also broke into groups and worked to master the "buzz ring" challenge, a Lead From Here group activity that requires collaboration, communication, resourcefulness and — as was pointed out by one participant who struggled to pass the spinning rings without disrupting their momentum and thereby prolonging the challenge — empathy.

Ravenscroft parent Kelly Huffstetler, who participated in the previous session of Leadership Raleigh, helped coordinate this year's programming and suggested the group visit the school.

"Ravenscroft has been represented on panels in past Leadership Raleigh education days, but I wanted to bring the class to campus to really spotlight what they do. I knew participants would be impressed with Lead From Here and the many ways in which it is put into practice at our school," Huffstetler said. "It's a wonderful illustration of how each of us can be taught leadership. It just made sense that the Leadership Raleigh class should learn about it."

"Ravenscroft was proud to partner with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and welcome the participants from Leadership Raleigh to learn about Lead From Here," Ramsden added. "They engaged in an experiential activity to build a great understanding of the impact a growth mindset can have on their leadership development."