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Ravenscroft Hosts Journalists From International Visitor Leadership Program
Ravenscroft Hosts Journalists From International Visitor Leadership Program

On Monday, Dec. 3, Ravenscroft hosted six journalists from around the world as part of a State Department initiative through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

The visitors were participants in the Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists, which explores the rights and responsibilities of America's free press. Their stop at Ravenscroft was focused on media and journalism education.

As part of their visit, they met with Tomeiko Carter's Upper School yearbook staff (at top right), talking with students and faculty about how such courses help students develop interests and skills in media/multimedia.

"The visit from the Edward R. Murrow fellows afforded our yearbook students a wonderful opportunity to share their journalistic experiences and to glean advice from global professionals in the field," Carter said. "At its height, the conversation was lively and symbiotic, signaling a marriage of the minds as students and correspondents shared trade secrets."

The group also spoke with Sarah Loyola, director of educational technology; Jennifer Davis, director of marketing and communications; and Mary Kornegay, digital marketing manager (at bottom right).

"The topic for their visit was 'Media Responsibility in an Age of Disinformation,'" Loyola said. "In our time with them, we discussed the recommended social media best practices of our faculty and our programmatic approach to helping students navigate online spaces through our partnership with The Social Institute."

David Kates, Ravenscroft's director of global education and initiatives, helped coordinate the campus visit.

"We were honored to host this distinguished group of global journalists. Our students and greater community will no doubt benefit from their collective wisdom and diverse perspectives," he said. "The visitors represented six fascinating countries, and they brought varied backgrounds in media which were very exciting and fruitful for our students, faculty and staff alike. Thank you to Leila Bekri, director of the International Visitor Leadership Program, for bringing this opportunity to us."

The group comprised:

  • Mr. Marcos Jose Villagra, executive producer, Canal 12, Argentina
  • Ms. Sok Pheary Phal, journalist, Radio France International (RFI), Cambodia
  • Ms. Matina Tamba Pochi, TV journalist and presenter, Cameroon Radio Television, Cameroon
  • Ms. Soyoung Min, reporter, Social Affairs Desk, Busan Ilbo daily newspaper, Republic of Korea
  • Mr. Ahmed El Jechtimi, correspondent, Thomson Reuters, Morocco
  • Mr. Daniel Fazlic, head of distribution and content distribution, Pro Plus, Slovenia

Each year approximately 5,000 emerging leaders come to the U.S. as participants in the International Visitor Leadership Program. Since its inception, more than 200,000 visitors have participated, including over 330 current or former chiefs of state or heads of government. Participants are nominated and selected by the staff at U.S. Embassies worldwide and are invited for a three-week trip to several American cities. For many participants, this is their first visit to the U.S. During their four to five days in each city, IVs meet with their U.S. counterparts to exchange viewpoints and gain new insights on professionally related topics, as well as experience U.S. culture through activities and in-home dinner experiences.