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Ravenscroft Athletic Department Recognizes Fall Varsity Athletes
Ravenscroft Athletic Department Recognizes Fall Varsity Athletes

The Ravenscroft Athletic Department recognized the student-athletes on their varsity fall teams during an awards ceremony held in Jones Theatre Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017.

Coaching staff also announced their Most Outstanding Player, Most Improved Player and Coaches awards for each team and recognized those student-athletes who achieved all-conference and all-state honors.

Recognition went to the following students:

Most Outstanding: Leah Horton '18
Most Improved: Elizabeth Gruskin '18
Coaches: Kayla Melvin '20

Cross Country
Most Valuable: Samantha Driscoll '18
Most Improved: Grace Vande Berg '18
Coaches: Bella Church '18
All-Conference: Samantha Driscoll '18
All-State: Samantha Driscoll '18

Most Valuable: Jackson Buttler '20
Most Improved: Brendan Walker '19
Coaches: Connor Margraf '19

Field Hockey
Most Valuable: Caroline Schmalz '19
Most Improved: MaLea Spooner '21
Coaches: Lily Sykes '18
All-Conference: Brooke Baker '20, Brynley Jonson '20, Caroline Schmalz '19
All-State: Caroline Schmalz '19

Most Valuable: Bakari Young-Smith '18
Most Improved: Joshua Brunson '18
Coaches: Calvin Atkeson '18
Big East All-Conference: Calvin Atkeson '18, Val Edwards '19, Joshua Brunson '18, Bakari Young-Smith '1
Big East All-Conference Honorable Mention: Dylan Harris '18, Preston Bishop '19, William Rabun '18
All-State: Calvin Atkeson '18
Second Team All-State: Val Edwards '19
Honorable Mention All-State: Preston Bishop '19, Bakari Young-Smith '18

Girls Golf
Most Valuable: Holly Mccann '19
Most Improved: Deborah Spair '20, Teagan Hackim '20
Coaches: Carson Jenkins '19
All-Conference: Holly Mccann '19, Carson Jenkins '19, Deborah Spair '20
All-State: Holly Mccann '19, Carson Jenkins '19

Most Valuable: Thompson Schollaert '18
Most Improved: Jack Barnes '19
Coaches: Nevin Jonson '18
All-Conference: Emmanuel Petrov '19, Thompson Schollaert '18, Matthew Silver '18
All-Conference Honorable Mention: Kendall Jones '19
All-State: Thompson Schoallert '18
All-Region: Thompson Schoallert '18
All-Region Honorable Mention: Emmanuel Petrov '19

Girls Tennis
Most Valuable: Ruthanne Winston '18
Most Improved: Amelia Holdstock '20
Coaches: Rachel Kirkham '18
All-Conference: Marianna Schantz '19

Most Valuable: Paige Gordon '18
Most Improved: Samantha Doherty '19
Coaches: Alison Reeg '18
All-Conference: Paige Gordon '18