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Ravens Study Abroad in Spoleto, Italy
Ravens Study Abroad in Spoleto, Italy

Two Ravenscroft students, Elle Schantz '20 and Ethan Severson '20, attended the Spoleto Study Abroad Summer Session 2018 in the historic town of Spoleto, Italy. This interdisciplinary immersion program features a dynamic curriculum in the arts and humanities. Elle studied vocal music, while Ethan participated in the visual arts program.

"I loved participating in Spoleto Study Abroad, not only because I learned so much about singing, music and theory but also because of the cultural immersion," Elle said. "Being a part of this program allowed me to expose myself to new people and ideas, and it helped me look at the world through a new lens."

Ethan agreed. "One of my best experiences at Spoleto was when the visual arts teacher sent us up to La Rocca, a fort up on a hill that overlooked the town and the surrounding valley, to sketch what we saw before dinner. I clearly remember the sunset casting an orange glow on everything, and a local sitting behind us strumming chords and playing songs on his guitar," he said. "That's what the program is about: furthering your knowledge in the fine arts with students who share the same passions as you, observing the dramatic scenery and socializing with the locals, and learning about the culture of the region through its history and food."

Ravenscroft is an active member of the consortium of schools across the country that support the Spoleto Study Abroad program, which was started by former Ravenscroft fine arts director Jill Muti and her husband, Maestro Lorenzo Muti. Spoleto Study Abroad is committed to bringing an integrated style of learning to students interested in pursuing their academic and artistic interests as they explore the rich cultural heritage of central Italy. (Jill Muti will be inducted into Ravenscroft's Fine Arts Hall of Fame Friday, Oct. 5.)

In 2019, Spoleto Study Abroad will offer vocal music, creative writing, drama, visual art, photography, instrumental music and screenwriting in the summer session, taking place July 1-Aug. 4. For more information, visit their website.