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Ravens in the Hood Take on "Mother of All Relays" to Become Top Fundraising Team
Ravens in the Hood Take on "Mother of All Relays" to Become Top Fundraising Team

On Aug. 24-25, twelve Ravenscroft students participated in the Hood to Coast relay race, raising more than $100,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Hood to Coast, which takes participants from the peaks of Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast, is a grueling, 199-mile, nearly 30-hour event often called the "Mother of All Relays," requiring individual team members to complete three legs totalling about 18 miles. The Ravens in the Hood team was the youngest team and the only high school team to participate.

This year's March 11, 2018, fundraiser, Running Over Cancer 5K, brought in more than $75,000. The team ultimately raised $101,071 to become the highest overall fundraising team in the race.

The team (below at left, prior to the race's start on Mt. Hood and, at right, after completion at the coast) comprised Ben Kerner '20, Justin Thompson '20, Elise Playe '20, Brooke Baker '20, Davis Macnabb '19, Jack Barnes '19, Ella Rockwell '19, Mia Russo '19, and captains Jake Schneider '19, Caroline Schmalz '19, Courtney Rea '19 and Mac Nelson '19.

Jake Schneider '19 said, "The main perspective that you take away from the Hood to Coast experience is the appreciation of the process. The race is obviously a blast and the most fun part of it all, but the process of fundraising, putting on the ROC 5K, and getting to know all of your teammates/the people at ACS definitely resonates and sticks with you longer."

In the 10 years since Ravenscroft students have been involved in Hood to Coast, their combined efforts have raised more than $500,000. Learn more about Hood to Coast and other races in the series on their website.