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Online News Students Explore, Produce Timely Media
Online News Students Explore, Produce Timely Media

As the 24-hour news cycle churns on and websites and social media promote coverage of events large and small, it's more important than ever for consumers of that content to understand where it comes from, what its purpose is and whether it is objective or partisan. One way Upper School students at Ravenscroft come to appreciate all of those aspects of news coverage is through studying its many forms and facets and experimenting with approaches themselves.

In Tomeiko Carter's Online News course, students evaluate and replicate sound mediums of information as they exist on the Internet. They write blogs, evaluate photojournalism and create news, entertainment, sports and music videos. Assignments include shooting documentaries, "how-to" recipe vlogs and short films.

Students DeMarcus Taylor '18, Julia da Roza '18 and Tomas Van den Brand '18 filmed a documentary-style video exploring their research on fracking, a controversial method for extracting oil or gas from subterranean reserves.

"I thought DeMarcus, Julia and Tomas did an excellent job of collaborating to find information about the topic of fracking, using their resources well to discern the pros and cons of the issue," Carter said. "In reflecting on the topic, they decided finally that fracking was more harmful to the environment than helpful. In the end, the students adopted a growth-minded stance, which took into account the ramifications of the fracking process."