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Ravenscroft Students Win Awards for National Latin Exam
Ravenscroft Students Win Awards for National Latin Exam

One hundred and seventeen Ravenscroft students across five levels of language study took the National Latin Exam, joining more than 143,000 students around the world in testing their learning. An impressive 65% of participating Ravenscroft students in Levels IA-V won recognition for outstanding scores, including 10 gold medals and 19 silver medals.

One student, Bennett Gillespie '23, earned a perfect score, for which he has received a special certificate. In recognition of their earning gold medals for four years, Vivian Avery '19 and Erin Pugh '19 (pictured at right) have received the Maureen O'Donnell Oxford Classical Dictionary Award.

Kudos to all of these Latin students for their outstanding performance!

At right, Introduction to Latin students. Students who earned Outstanding Achievement were awarded purple ribbons; Bennet Gillespie '23, who earned a perfect score, is at far right in second row.