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Going Global: Middle School Students Explore the United Kingdom with ISCA
Going Global: Middle School Students Explore the United Kingdom with ISCA

What happens when you walk 12 middle school students through security at the RDU airport to begin a three-week journey to England? Quite a lot, actually!

This summer I was lucky enough to travel to the United Kingdom with a dozen Ravenscroft students to tour southern England with International Schools Cultural Alliance (ISCA), a company formed 35 years ago specifically to offer international learning experiences to middle school students.

Over the three weeks of our travels, the students visited numerous historical sites and experienced the best of British culture. Students visited well-known sites including the Tower of London, Stonehenge, the Roman Baths, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. They enjoyed a boat ride down the River Thames and even had a little fun visiting Warner Brothers Studios (Harry Potter's studio!).

Charterhouse School in Surrey was our home for the entire three weeks, with each student having their own dorm room. Over the course of our three-week travels, we would tour various areas for two days and then stay on campus on the third day. While on campus, students experienced and participated in traditional English activities such as rugby, tennis, fives, rounders, cricket, netball, soccer, drama and art, which gave them the opportunity to try new things and learn more about the world around them.

What really makes the program special is the people we meet and the experiences our students have with them. One hundred seventy-five other students from the U.S., Peru, Argentina and Brazil also contributed to the multicultural backdrop that allowed our students to learn and make long-lasting international relationships.

Our Ravenscroft students had opportunities to lead, follow and learn in various situations and represented their school with pride. They displayed a positive outlook in every situation, be it rain (there was plenty), shooting schedule (they made a movie), or deciding who would be buddies on various days, as well as their polite and respectful manners while experiencing a different culture and learning about the world around them.

In Summer 2018 there will be another ISCA excursion. If you would like to learn more, please contact Scott Ringenbach or visit

Thank you to the following students and their parents for a fabulous adventure:

Jackson Fox
Alejandro Alston
Jackson Gring
Chaz Davidian
David Kim
Bryce Tascher
Laurel Carter
Aydin Sabu
Jake Wydick
Landon Watts
Morgan Kesterson
Kaela Spainhour