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Fourteen Band Students Recognized in All-District Competition
Fourteen Band Students Recognized in All-District Competition

Ravenscroft's band program has placed 13 students and one alternate in the Middle School and High School All-District bands, a program of the East Central District Band Association, which comprises Wake County public, private and charter schools. Three of the selected students — Henry Zhang '25, Elijah Smith '25 and Michael Rutigliano '22 — are among the top chairs in their respective instruments and therefore are eligible to audition for the All-State bands later in the year.

As Ravenscroft's Co-Directors of Bands Kelly Nivison and Matthew Parunak explained, the success of this many students is meaningful for several reasons.

"Seeing the number of students who placed in All-District increase this year means that our Ravens are performing at the same level, and above, many of our fellow public and private schools in the county," Nivison said. "For our smaller program to place as many or more students as other schools with programs three and four times our size means that more of our students are excelling in music and our entire program is performing at that high level, not just the top few."

The number is especially impressive given that, due to COVID-19 protocols, this year's auditions were pre-recorded — a daunting task for many young musicians.

"Sending in an audition recording can make one feel very vulnerable and self-conscious, and the fact that we had so many students do it is so inspiring to see," Parunak said. "We are seeing the results of the students' hard work each and every day and are thrilled to see their hard work pay off. They love the challenge of preparing difficult music and competing with their peers."

While All-District participants typically spend a weekend working in person with a clinician to prepare for and put on a culminating performance, this year's program is virtual, meaning students will record their parts at home and submit their performances for compilation. It has not yet been announced when that video will be available.

Congratulations to these students who placed in their respective division's All-District Band:

Middle School

Mia Atasoy '25, sixth chair flute, Symphonic Band

Emily Capell '25, fifth chair flute, Concert Band

Elle Warner '26, first chair oboe, Concert Band

Eva Awasthi '27, second alternate oboe

Henry Zhang '25, sixth chair clarinet, Symphonic Band (All-State eligible)

Addison Diener '26, eighteenth chair clarinet, Concert Band

Alex Wang '25, second chair alto sax, Concert Band

Josh Ward '26, eighth chair trombone, Symphonic Band

Xaden Wilson '26, sixth chair trombone, Concert Band

Elijah Smith '25, first chair tuba, Symphonic Band (All-State eligible)

Amelia Ward '26, fourth chair tuba, Symphonic Band

Austin Greene '25, first chair snare, Concert Band

High School

Tul Cherukuri '24, thirteenth chair clarinet, Wind Ensemble

Michael Rutigliano '22, first chair tenor sax, Symphonic Band (All-State eligible)

"It is so encouraging to see our students go from the attitude of 'enjoying band' to enjoying band and seeking out challenges that help them become even better musicians!" Nivison said.

"Our goal is to have Ravenscroft represented in each instrument at the district and state level," Parunak added, "and this is a great start in that direction."