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Fall 2018 Varsity Awards
Fall 2018 Varsity Awards

The 2018 Fall Varsity Awards were given Sunday, Nov. 11, during a ceremony. Coaching staff also announced their Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and Coaches awards for each team and recognized those student-athletes who achieved all-conference and all-state honors.

Recognition went to the following students:


Most Valuable: Val Edwards
Most Improved: Preston Bishop
Coaches: Charlie Winston
Big East All-Conference 1st Team
Offense: Dominic Young-Smith, Val Edwards
Big East All-Conference 1st Team
Defense: Elijah Sanders, Val Edwards
Big East All-Conference 2ND Team
Offense: Patrick Johnson
Big East All-Conference 2ND Team
Defense: Anthony Peay, Preston Bishop
Honorable Mention All-State: Elijah Sanders, Val Edwards


Most Valuable: Marianna Schantz
Most Improved: Skylar Wiseman
Coaches: Cynthia Woodward
All Conference: Marianna Schantz, Skylar Wiseman, Cynthia Woodward
Honorable Mention: Amelia Holdstock
All State: Marianna Schantz


Most Valuable: Emmanuel Petrov
Most Improved: Thomas Barker
Coaches: Evan Bartle
All Conference
Player of the year: Emmanuel Petrov
All Conference: Evan Bartle, Jackson Corigliano, Payne Gridley, Emmanuel Petrov, Jaren Sullivan
Honorable Mention: Matt Edwards
All State: Emmanuel Petrov, Jared Sullivan
All Region: Evan Bartle, Emmanuel Petrov, Jared Sullivan

Cross Country:

Most Valuable: Courtney Rea
Most Improved: Zoe King
Coaches: Simone Provencher
All-Conference: Courtney Rea
Most Valuable: James Hohls
Most Improved: Grey Alspaugh
Coaches: Justin Thompson

Field Hockey:

Most Valuable: Caroline Schmalz
Most Improved: Malea Spooner
Coaches: Bridget Glenn
All-Conference: Brooke Baker, Brynley Jonson, Caroline Schmalz, Makayla Crawford
All-Conference HM: Ella Rockwell
All-State: Caroline Schmalz, Brooke Baker


Most Valuable: Madison Miller
Most Improved: Zoee Bishop
Coaches: Mary Broderick
All-Conference HM: Madison Miller


Most Outstanding: Kirstin Debrah
Most Improved: Jaclyn McGhee
Coaches: Sarah Wilson

Girls Golf:

Most Valuable: Carson Jenkins
Most Improved: Garland Gould
Coaches: Brooke Smith
All Conference: Carson Jenkins
All State: Carson Jenkins