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Emily Capell '25 Wins Raleigh Area Flute Association Competition
Emily Capell '25 Wins Raleigh Area Flute Association Competition

Eight-grader Emily Capell won her division in the Raleigh Area Flute Association's November competition last weekend, which marked her third time participating and second time winning the annual event.

RAFA promotes flute playing in North Carolina and assists members in achieving musical excellence, providing scholarships for worthy students. As winner of Division 4, Emily will receive a scholarship award.

An avid musician, she pushed herself this year by entering in Division 4.

"I have been playing the flute for four years, this year being my fifth. I have been in the Lower and Middle School bands and taken private lessons for four years as well," she said. "Dr. Nivison motivated me to do RAFA in hopes that I would win and helped me decide what division to do this year. We decided on Division 4, as Division 3 would be too easy. I was preparing for the competition for about six weeks."

For Nivison, working with motivated students like Emily is the best part of her job as Co-Director of Bands.

"Our greatest strength of the band program here at Ravenscroft is the interest and passion of our students. All of our band students are genuinely interested and excited about band, and it shows in the day-to-day feel of the class," she said. "It is our job as teachers to get kids excited about what we do, and when they come into class talking about their music, humming the melodies and eagerly participating in class, it makes teaching and feeding that excitement so much more rewarding."

With COVID-mitigation efforts in place, RAFA had contestants perform live via Zoom. Emily said she knew she had performed well but was still thrilled to get the news she had won.

"It was amazing," she said. "I'm proud of my accomplishment. I plan to continue to work hard for the rest of my years at Ravenscroft and see where that takes me next."

That determination will take her far, Nivison said.

"Emily's greatest asset is her perseverance and resilience. These are the two best qualities in any musician, and it is what keeps Emily working at the music, no matter how good she gets," she said. "Emily does not stop at 'good enough' and works really hard, through many mistakes, until she meets her goal of mastery."

Enjoy Emily's performance for the winners' virtual recital. Congratulations, Emily!