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#croftGRADitude Student Group Spotlight: MathNC
#croftGRADitude Student Group Spotlight: MathNC

Oh, how the month flew by! Today is our last student group feature, and we are spotlighting a very special group that helps enrich the lives of others! MathNC is a service-oriented group whose impact goes beyond the walls of Ravenscroft, and it was created by some of our very own Upper School students! And don't forget to give now in honor of your favorite teacher or memory from Ravenscroft. #croftGRADitude

Group Name: MathNC

Members: Mark Li '20, David Gring '21, Alexa Tascher '21 and Sasha Nainani '20. Clay Baker '18, who started this

organization, now attends Duke University; however, he still helps us out and leads the team to make sure things run smoothly and we know the logistics.

What year was this group established at Ravenscroft?

Clay Baker '18 and Calvin Atkinson '18 co-founded it in 2016.

Group Description:

Basically, we gather tutors (students from Ravenscroft) to Skype with students in elementary school (mostly third-graders) with fewer resources available to meet their needs. This year, we have started with children from York Elementary School in Raleigh; however, soon we will be connecting with some Durham schools. We also connect with kids through the A.E. Finley YMCA.

What is your favorite activity that your group did on or around campus? Any initiatives, projects, trips, meetings, etc.

The after-school tutoring sessions, which we do in the school library, are very rewarding to all of us. It is where we are able to see our work as a leadership team (figuring out logistics and connecting tutors with the kids) come together and pay off.

What is something people may not know about your group?

Being a tutor for MathNC takes up just about an hour after school. However, the difference it makes for the kids we are tutoring is extremely helpful to them. The children are extremely appreciative of the help provided, and it is really amazing how just a little bit of a time commitment can end up going a very long way. We have an instagram (@nc_math) and a website ( where you can follow along our journey!