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#croftGRADitude: Group Spotlight on the International Thespian Society
#croftGRADitude: Group Spotlight on the International Thespian Society

Happy Thursday, alumni! The month of November is #croftGRADitude. We're asking all of our alumni, recent and not-so-recent to donate to the Fund for Ravenscroft. You can do that here!

Today marks the first of four spotlights on student groups. We wanted to start with this group, for they tend to be in the spotlight often (literally!), and we learned so much about what they do on and off the stage. Excited to share the International Thespian Society!

Group Name: International Thespian Society, Troupe #5788

Seniors: Vivian Avery, Addison Crookenden, Kemmia Ghodrat (president), Eva Guarino, Tiffany Jiang, Melissa Kong, Nicole Mason, Zoe Nagel (vice president), Sammy Rivas, Katie Shearin and Michael Sisson (secretary/treasurer)
Juniors: Shaurik Deshpande, Lyon Dorafshar, Jackson Fisk, Martina Frederick (historian/social media) and Devin Scioletti
Sophomores: Sarah Davenport, Bella Fordin and Nate Margraf

Year Established At Ravenscroft: 1998 (society established in 1929)

Group Description: The International Thespian Society is an honors society for performing and technical arts students and is one of the most active honors society in the Upper School. The Ravenscroft chapter has grown into a theater advocacy platform and a creative, safe space for students to share their love of the theater with the rest of the student body. Members build strong relationships with thespians in different grades and, because of this, have some of their fondest high school memories in the theater.

Troupe Activities: One significant troupe activity is the North Carolina State Thespian Festival in Greensboro, with competitions in individual events including monologues, stage management, musical duets and even miming! A few other events and activities:

1. Every other year, the Fine Arts Department takes thespians to New York City to tour the city, take theater workshops and watch two Broadway productions.

2. "24-Hour" is an annual event where students write, block and tech a one-act play in 24 hours. This year's production was named "Time Flies."

3. ITA plans a "spirit week" before opening night of a theater production, dressing or acting in accordance with some element of the show, to create interest in the Upper School.

4. We hold a "coffeehouse" once a semester for the student body, where members present an artistic piece (instrumental, dance, poem, song, etc.) and showcase work they have prepared outside of class.

Something most people don't know: The Thespian Society has their own Constitution! It was first created in 1998 and later ratified in 2017. The Constitution serves as the foundation of the society and sets expectations for everyone in the troupe.

Next show this year: "Beauty and the Beast" (Feb. 8, 9)