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#croftGRADitude Student Group Spotlight: S.A.L.T.
#croftGRADitude Student Group Spotlight: S.A.L.T.

Happy Thanksgiving! While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving at home, perhaps too full from turkey and stuffing, or getting ready for the football game, we hope you'll sit back and read about a group of students who are thankful for the leadership opportunities they have enjoyed at Ravenscroft. Earlier this week, the members of S.A.L.T. helped out with our Grandparents and Special Friends Day event for Lower School families. Some members say it is their favorite Ravenscroft memory! #croftGRADitude

Group Name: Student-Athlete Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.)

Members: 44 members: two student-athletes from each team plus five administrators

What year was this group established at Ravenscroft? 2010

Group Description:

Goals of the Program are to

  1. Train student-athlete leaders with a baseline of concepts, skills and tools to lead;
  2. Provide opportunities for student-athlete leaders to hear from role models who are athletes and leaders
  3. Catalyze good leadership for each athletic team at Ravenscroft

What is your favorite activity that your group did on or around campus?

The structure of S.A.L.T. meetings (i.e., group discussions) has inspired members to hold similar team meetings in which we address various issues and apply long-term solutions in order to improve ourselves and to function as an exemplary team. This concern for our greater community outside of S.A.L.T has led to our involvement in Lower School Grandparents and Special Friends Day, in which we greeted and seated visitors to the ceremony.

Any initiatives, projects, trips, meetings, etc.

S.A.L.T. meets at least twice a month to engage in discussions and case studies in which we analyze conflicts or problems in every varsity sport team for that respective season. We discuss leadership in sports and help leaders on different teams deal with problems they are facing throughout their seasons. At every meeting, we apply a featured skill, such as selfless leadership, to the particular problems addressed by our fellow S.A.L.T members. These interactive meetings encourage us to be resilient and situationally aware of leadership opportunities in our everyday lives.

What is something people may not know about your group?

The leadership strategies that are reinforced during S.A.L.T meetings are essential and relevant to situations beyond what occurs in any sport. As some of our members will continue with athletics at the collegiate level, the lessons we learn will remain even more pertinent. However, through case studies and seminars, we come to realize that skills such as conflict management and effective communication will apply to our careers and professional relationships.

Answers for the group on behalf of Emmanuel Petrov '19 and Jake Schneider '19 (Varsity Mens Soccer co-captains)