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Cole Hudson '18 Wins State Award for Photography
Cole Hudson '18 Wins State Award for Photography

Advanced PlacementⓇ Photography student Cole Hudson '18 has been recognized for outstanding photography in the statewide GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs) - NC Arts Festival. After a second-place win at the local level and a first-place win at the regional level, Cole's photo (at right) took third place in the statewide competition.

Cole is currently enrolled in Joyce Fillip's AP Studio Art: 2D Design course, which has photography as a subcategory, and in an independent study on photography editing with Photoshop software under the guidance of Alfie Hobbs.

"I enjoy having an idea of what the picture is going to look like in my head and experimenting with different objects, lighting and locations while shooting to produce the best possible photograph," Cole said. "I have been taking pictures for about three years here and there, but within the last year I have gotten more serious. I also got an FAA Drone license and started an aerial photography/video business last summer. So I enjoy all realms of photography."

While he typically puts a lot of planning into his photography, Cole's award-winning photo, "Lobby Ambiance," involved a little serendipity, too.

"I took this picture right after I decided that Food & Beverage would be my concentration for AP Photography. I was actually out of town and was in the lobby of a hotel and saw the cool lighting of the restaurant," he said. "So I pulled out my phone — as I didn't have my real camera with me — and this was the best of the three I took.

"My favorite part of this picture is the fact that it was spontaneous and how the patrons are silhouettes and not the main focus of the picture," he added.

Congratulations, Cole!