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Campus Enhancements Usher in New Opportunities
Campus Enhancements Usher in New Opportunities

We are very happy to share news of major enhancements to the Ravenscroft campus that continue to propel us to the forefront of educational excellence and expand the experiences of our students and families.

Thanks to the supportive generosity of the Keim family, plans are underway for the creation of the new Keim Center for Innovation and Research. Being brought to life through a significant redesign of the current Library and Technology Center, the Keim Center for Innovation and Research will include modern classroom spaces, robotics and technology labs, library resources, and collaboration and community spaces for our Middle and Upper School students. Our construction plans are underway, and our goal is to open the Keim Center in late 2018!

But that's not all: Admissions is now located in the new Ravenscroft Welcome Center!

Ravenscroft is fortunate to have many loyal supporters, and the A.E. Finley Foundation has been one of Ravenscroft's strongest supporters since the early 1970s. The foundation, which operated out of a lovely facility near our Head of School's home, offered to lease the building to Ravenscroft. This building, located at 1151 Newton Road, will serve as the Ravenscroft Welcome Center, a multipurpose space that hosts a variety of activities, meetings and events while also serving as the location for our admissions team, providing a warm, comfortable and inviting space for new and prospective families to learn more about us.

Ravenscroft is deeply grateful to our very many supporters, past, present and future, who share our commitment to learning, leading and serving.

To learn more, please join us at the upcoming "Behind the Scenes at Ravenscroft" presentation, hosted by Doreen Kelly and members of Ravenscroft's Leadership Team on Monday, March 26, 8-9:30 a.m. or Wednesday, March 28, 6-7:30 p.m. in the Library Technology Center (and future Keim Center). During the session you'll learn about Ravenscroft's strategic design, our plans for the new Keim Center for Innovation and Research, and how Ravenscroft's budget is used to realize our goals. To attend, RSVP for Behind the Scenes at Ravenscroft.