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Author Scott Reintgen discusses his YA novel
Author Scott Reintgen discusses his YA novel

On Thursday, March 1, Scott Reintgen visited Ravenscroft. Author of "Nyxia," the first novel in a planned young adult trilogy, Reintgen met with a small group of students over lunch followed by an assembly with all Middle School students.

"Nyxia" is the story of nine teens who must compete in a high-stakes game to win a fortune while fulfilling an interstellar space contract. School Library Journal wrote of the novel, "Fans of 'Hunger Games' and the 'Maze Runner' series will enjoy this series opener."

Students were curious about Reintgen's experiences as a writer and his writing process. During the small-group gathering, Reintgen met with 10 Middle School students who had already read the book. They asked very thoughtful questions and in response, Reintgen shared his inspiration for the story (he loves science fiction), the creation of the characters (based on old friends and former students), his vision for the spaceship and his plans for the next two books in the series.

Students said they were drawn to the novel by an affinity for the characters in the book, liking the competition that is a central part of the story and the "Hunger Games"-like nature of the story.

Reintgen, who admits that at first he was surprised and flattered by the comparison to 'Hunger Games'— another dystopian series that has garnered readership worldwide and been made into a movie trilogy — spent some time talking about the similarities — and key differences — between his novel and 'Hunger Games.' While there is a futuristic theme to both stories, in "Nyxia" the company that is a central part of the story is investing in the youth who are making the space journey. As a result, many characters live longer and play a greater role throughout the duration of the story and, ultimately, the trilogy.

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