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Faculty and Staff Awards

Every year, Ravenscroft distinguished faculty and staff are honored and recognized for their teaching excellence and service to the school.

Helton Award


The Helton Award recognizes excellence in teaching and distinguished service to Ravenscroft School among faculty and staff members. Charles and Barbara Helton established the Helton Award in 1991.


Previous Recipients:

2018- Woody Davis, maintenance supervisor; S.K. Chipley, pianist and private lessons instructor
2017- Lisa Miller, Human Resources Director; Jon Karny, Upper School Science
2016- Angela Finn, Middle School librarian; Pam Kelly, Middle School and Upper School strings instructor; Debbie Ragusa, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teacher assistant; Charles Riddick, Buildings & Grounds, Roxane Roberts; Physical Education & Coach; Matt Zeblo, Information Technology Specialist
2015- Amy Lamond, Upper School Administrative Assistant; Greg Long, Physical Education; Greg Anysz, Middle School Social Studies; Elisabeth McChesney, Administrative Assistant to Fine Arts; and Shanise Mark, Third Grade Instructor
2013- Sherry Adams, Lower School Administrative Assistant; Chris Harper, Lower School Guidance Counselor; Lorelei Lindow, Middle School Guidance Counselor; Stephanie Money, Director of Special Events & Constituent Relations; and Susan Perry, Upper School Guidance Counselor
2011- Chip Hoggard, Assistant Athletics Director; Patrick Knox, Lower School Science Instructor; Nelson Nunalee, Upper School Science Instructor; Amy Pendergrass, Director of Extended Day; and Teresa Taylor, Middle School Language Arts Instructor


Qubain Award

The Qubain Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes and rewards excellent full-time teachers at Ravenscroft. Janet and Munther Qubain established the award in 2002.

Previous Recipients:

2018- Kat Belk, Upper School Math; Emily Roach, Middle School computer science and video production teacher; Mary Craig Brown, kindergarten teacher; Alfie Hobbs, Upper School computer science teacher; Michelle Nunalee, Middle School science and engineering teacher
2017- Josh Gallagher, Middle School Social Studies Teacher; Karrah Lewis, Kindergarten Teacher; Dante Johnson, Fifth Grade Teacher; Jessica Cummings, Middle School Mathematics Teacher; Kevin Flinn, Upper School English Teacher
2016- Erin Altshuler, Middle School mathematics department chair and teacher; Megan Bever, first grade teacher; Bryce Jones, Upper School history teacher; Ginny Lam, Middle School world languages teacher; Mark Laskowski, Upper School history teacher; Rachel Newton, fifth grade language arts and reading teacher
2016- Kerry Norman, Physical Education; Michelle Schulze, Third Grade Instructor; Sarah Baker, Middle School Language Arts; Cy League, Upper School English; Suzanne Carothers; Lower School Academic Skills
2013- Cameron Bolin, Lower School General Music Instructor; Julie Cardillo, Upper School Visual Arts Instructor; Brian Kelly, Upper School English Instructor; Melissa Spainhour, Middle School Mathematics and Science Instructor; Zoe Welsh, Upper School Biology Instructor and Department Chair
2011- Janet Vande Berg, Middle School Science; Marcia Jones, Upper School English

O'Herron Award

O'Herron Distinguished Faculty Award was established by the O'Herron Foundation to honor distinguished educators.

Previous Recipients:

2017- Janet Vande Berg, Middle School Science Teacher
2016- Ann Carroll, Upper School mathematics teacher, and Jessalyn Crawford, second grade teacher
2015- David Kates, Director of International Education
2013- Garrett Cummings, Middle School Math
2011- David Myers, Physical Education

Parents' Association Distinguished Faculty Award

Parents' Association Distinguished Faculty Award recognizes, encourages and rewards excellence in teaching. It was established by a special endowment in June 2000.

Previous Recipients:

2018- Mary Ripple, Lower School Counselor
2017- Terri Bednarz, Lower School Second Grade Assistant
2016- Aaron Sundstrom, Upper School Mathematics and Department Chair
2015- Wes Brown, Middle School Social Studies
2013- Jennifer Baccus, Third Grade
2011- Glenn DeLaney, Upper School history