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Community Service

An integral part of school life at Ravenscroft, community service helps shape well-rounded individuals like nothing else can. It is the most important way in which our students learn to look beyond themselves, to develop the capacity for empathy, acceptance and grace, and to take an active role in positively shaping their community. Our students participate in service-related activities in a variety of ways, all of which are age-appropriate.

Lower School

In the Lower School, service is a community effort that varies year to year. Whether students and faculty are running canned food drives, raising money for sea turtle sanctuaries, gathering supplies for families in need after a natural disaster or collecting books for Project Enlightenment, our students are making an impact -- and feeling proud of their accomplishments. Many activities are student-led, including the yearly Special Olympics hosted by Middle and Upper School students with assistance from the Lower School.

Middle School

Participation in service learning and community service projects is a hallmark of the Middle School experience at Ravenscroft, allowing students and faculty to integrate the work of Lead From Here through partnerships with local organizations. In sixth and seventh grade, students have the opportunity to participate in a service activity each month based on their interest or passion point. The Middle School strategically partners with local nonprofits, parks, museums and businesses that expose students to a range of service learning projects (e.g. Note in the Pocket, Elmcroft Senior Living, Serving Our Soldiers, eMammal, St. Saviour’s Center, and Raleigh Parks and Recreation). As part of the eighth grade experience, students participate in service activities that align with their capstone project Ravens in Action. The Middle School also participates in division-wide service projects and fundraisers including the annual Food Drive and the Guardian ad Litem’s Guardian Angel Program. Many of the service projects the Middle School participates in are led by student leaders, who work collaboratively to engage the entire student body in their endeavors.

Upper School

Upper School Community Service Form

Upper School students, after years in this safe and character-evolving community, are now encouraged to take a risk and champion a cause, connecting their service opportunity to personal interests. Service is required for graduation, but our students proudly volunteer in their communities thousands of hours beyond what is required. Also, Ravenscroft is a place ready to embrace and promote initiatives born from our students’ passions, such as RavensBuild -- the building and support group for a Habitat for Humanity home -- or the student who led an effort to provide clothes to impoverished students in the mountains of North Carolina. It is through these initiatives that compassion is evident, leadership is learned, and sometimes even the idea for a future career is born.

  • Ravenscroft requires a community service commitment of 20 hours per year or a total of at least 100 hours, from each of its Upper School students.
  • At least 10 of these hours must be fulfilled through volunteering with civic, religious, or community groups or non-profit agencies involved in outreach activities directed to serve the community at large and especially those who are less fortunate.
  • The other half of these 20 hours may be completed on the Ravenscroft campus; however, it should be noted that responsibilities associated with a co-curricular activity or requirements for a specific class may not be counted as community service.